A Beach House Armed with Containers – Uruguay

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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from Uruguay.

Facing the Uruguayan coast and preceded by a gallery that acts as a log hat, a group of containers painted in an intense eggplant forms a small farm with all the comforts of today’s luxury.

The work of this farm, carried out and set by the architect María Elena Salinas Ledesma , is an interesting variable to take advantage of existing resources without losing quality or comfort. It rises within a land of just over 4 hectares located in the area of ​​the Lapataia Valley, in Punta del Este. For its construction – which required only two months of work -, the architect Salinas used a group of containers HC ( High Cube , which have a height higher than the standard) of the firm Multicontainer , specialized in this type of habitable modules.

In 72 m2 total, two 40-inch HC containers (measuring 12.19 x 2.43 x 2.90 m high), another 20 inches (6.06 x 2.43 x 2.59 m high) ) and an armed extension with container parts. Its metal casing was combined with wood for decks, pergolas and the service area. 

The architect – an Argentinian based in  Uruguay , who has been working with this type of container since 2001 – chose to paint them in an intense and bright eggplant,

which appears well supported by the green moss of the brazed bricks and the wood present in the panels made with Tables that hide service areas.

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On a sisal carpet in earth tones, the living room offers beige linen armchairs ( Bernadette O. ) With ethnic throws and cushions. They are accompanied by a mouse table in gray decapé wood ( Open Sea ), some sisal poufs with ethnic motifs and, from above, a Nido lamp made with natural fibers. The whole house has patina wood imitation porcelain floors.

On a constructive level, the architect Salinas team the farm with electric radiant slab, windows with double hermetic glazing and the isolation of a traditional construction. But also, he took the reins of decoration, in which he sought (and managed) to contrast the industrial grain of the containers with furniture and textiles that give a warm and chic aesthetic.

In the dining room, the cedar table and chairs revived with the recycling made by Bernardita O .: beige patina for the woods and upholstered mandalas in coral, water green and turquoise. The turquoise ceramic candlesticks, the green bamboo plate and the vibrant tones of the spheres add sparks of color. 

For the most part, furniture is pieces of India made from recycled wood that still retain traces of its original painting: in the kitchen, both the bar officiate and the glass-walled vajillero (both made by Carlos Musse ) are Two exponents of that great family. 

The view goes into the bedroom through the bow window that carries linen curtains in tan color. 

The bed was dressed in white blanket ( Arredo ), a turquoise microfiber throw brought from the United States and pillows ( Company of the East ) in greens and blues. 

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The recycled wood backing ( Matiz ) embraces two patina teak light tables that, like the rest of the furniture, were purchased in Montevideo. The lamps were a gift of marriage and aggiornaron with a new screen. 

In the side gallery the outdoor dining room meets the grill, which is located at one end to add a cement countertop and edges of rustic lapacho. There, the wall is cut to open a window to the landscape, and the elevation serves as a potting rack with herbs and flowers. The board game and benches, as well as the bar, is treated pine. A ceramic jug with flowers gives an extra colorful space.

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