Grillagh Water Container House from Ireland

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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from Ireland.

Patrick Bradley – Architect and Farmer – has developed this striking home known as “The Grillagh Water Container House” on his ranch in Woodland, Co Cavan, Northern Ireland.

Bradley’s plan depends on four 45ft shipping containers, combined to frame two cantilever structures – along comparable lines to CGARCHITECTES Crossbox. Set in a delightful country scene, disregarding a stream on the family ranch, this container house unquestionably gestures its head in the valuation for the farming structures specked all through the province.

The home’s format has been intended to exploit the extraordinary perspectives to the encompassing scene, mountains, memorable Drumlamph forest and close by Grillagh River.

Bradley’s unique financial plan was £100,000, anyway the modeler found that he had costly tastes and a couple of exorbitant additional items, including a £16,000 shower, pushed his all out expense up to £133,000. It is an anyway an extraordinary shower!

This is first container house that has ever been structured and developed inside Northern Ireland. The shipping containers were initially fabricated by Maersk, and bought at the neighborhood port. They were then shipped and manufactured nearby.


In the event that this container house looks natural – it is otherwise called “The Grand Designs Container House” as it included on the UK’s Channel 4’s structure program Grand Designs September 2014. (YouTube underneath)

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Grillagh Water Container House was perceived by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) 2014 greatness grants.

Grand Designs Episode


Patrick Bradley Architects Ltd
[email protected]

Photos Courtesy of: Aidan Monaghan Photographer

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