A Great Hotel Room Made with a Shipping Container from Brazil

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We continue to discover for you. Our container hotel on today’s tour is from Balsa Nova, Brazil.

50m² Hotel Fazenda Cainã, Balsa Nova, Paraná. 2017

Brazilian structure company Bruno Zaitter arquiteto has all over again given new life to a transport box with the Bosque safe haven, one of the resort Fazenda Cainã suites in Balsa Nova, Brazil.

Equipped with huge walls of glass to blur the line between interior and out, the cutting-edge suite immerses guests into nature with breathtaking views and a natural materials palette.

The recycled container is elevated on stilts and carefully sited to reduce landscape effect.

Nicknamed Baruch Spinoza after the famous seventeenth-century Dutch truth seeker, the compact hotel suite measures fifty eight rectangular meters and functions an open floor plan.

The constructing become strategically positioned for each privateness and perspectives — the suite backs right into a big local wooded area in the southwest and opens as much as dramatic mountain perspectives at the northeast facet.

The 12-meter-long box turned into changed to include the washroom facilities on one end, the kitchen on the other and the bed room and living place inside the center.

The field footprint become extended with a precast metal structure to make room for the living space, front and an out of doors seating place.

To soften the constructing’s look and to create a relaxed environment, wooden was used to the line the interiors and exteriors. The green wash on the outdoors facade allows the building combination into the forested landscape.

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Source : Bruno Zaitter arquiteto

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Hotel Fazenda Cainã – Fotos: Alexandre Carnieri
Hotel Fazenda Cainã – Fotos: Alexandre Carnieri