Loft Raizes Tiny Container House

Hi everybody ?

We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from Brazil.

Two 20-foot containers, laterally joined and offset, formed the Loft Raizes.

With 30m2, the loft introduced us to the true concept of the container house movement, which is gaining more and more strength worldwide. Beautiful!

The construction container is an option to contribute to the balance of our environment and help reduce the accumulation of solid waste altering our ecosystem, achieving modern and tasteful buildings.

There are around 17 million containers in the world, of these, only 6 million are in use.
When we decide to build a container house we are refusing around 3,500 kg of steel for each container that would otherwise be very difficult to remodel because it is so expensive.

This type of construction is more respectful with the environment than the conventional ones because they do not generate permanent alterations in the terrain.

These types of houses are aimed at all those people who, in addition to expressing concern for the environment, are looking for a different place to live, with current designs and characteristics that have nothing to envy to traditional constructions.

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