An Impressive Workplace Made of 8 Shipping Containers in Thailand

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We continue to discover for you. Our container office on today’s tour is from Nonthaburi, Bangkok, Thailand.

Thailand-based totally firm Archimontage layout Fields state-of-the-art has repurposed eight old shipping containers into a stunning car middle inside the Thai city of Nonthaburi, a suburb of Bangkok.

The fashionable, mild-crammed building is made up of four small shipping containers and four larger fashions, which had been arranged strategically to in shape into a totally compact and narrow corner lot.

When the owners of an existing constructing on the equal web page approached the architects with the choice to enlarge their automobile care enterprise, the designers straight away went to work strategizing the first-class way to build at the 3,000-square-foot lot, which become quite lengthy and slender.

Accordingly, the group decided to create a custom vertical design that would make the most out of the distance without overwhelming the streetscape. Their answer turned into to apply several repurposed transport bins to create a 3-tale building that would function a bendy, multi-reason area for years to come.

The ground ground changed into designed to residence the overflow business of the existing vehicle employer and for added garage.
although the space is presently empty, a restaurant and bar are deliberate for the second floor. The 1/3 ground turned into become a light-crammed office space. an outside staircase lets traffic head up to the upper flooring without getting into the car garage place.

The association of the containers turned into based on a two-fold approach: to make the maximum out of the space provided and to optimize the amount of herbal mild. The design additionally revolved round some of passive functions, including metallic sunshades that had been hooked up at the west façade and the roof to reflect the sunlight and provide coloration from the blaring Thai heat.

Additionally, the architects painted the outdoors of the constructing in a matte black, no longer simplest as a way of mixing it into the urban environment but also to lessen sun radiation. via assessment, the indoors areas were painted a vibrant white that modernizes the industrial layout.

These days, using a box for construction may be very famous due to the fact it is a reasonably-priced production fabric: easy to find and can be tailored in various approaches. without a need for any over-decoration, just some coloring, and model, the most essential is honesty with the material’s authenticity.

  • Architects: Archimontage Design Fields Sophisticated
  • Area: 330 m²
  • Year: 2019

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