A sustainable Live in 40” Shipping Containers – Portugal

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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from Portugal.

Maintainability, quality and structure. With #FL1 we are making a whole way of life origination dependent on 40″ shipping containers as living space.

Top notch inside structure can remunerate the contras of little spaces. M°LAB as of late constructed their first model of #FL1 and executed a lot of thoughts and ways to deal with get an uncommon lovely and practical living space.

  • 8 m² of living space (2 containers)
  • Fully equipped design interior
  • Custom-fit, built-in furniture
  • Individual interior options
  • Solid wood insulation
  • Triple glazing and highly thermally-insulating panorama windows
  • Hot water, electricity and gas supply inside
  • Off grid version available

Project: #FL1
Design and manufacture: M°LAB, Handwerk Algarve
Containers: 2 x 40 ft HC
Area: 48 m²
Location: Barão de São Miguel, Algarve, Portugal
Year: 2018


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