A Very Brilliant Container House Project in Barcelona

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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from Ciutat Vella, Barcelona, Spain.

The container shipping houses have become in demand more these days. Barcelona is the city that we will mention since the container shipping house lovers chose Barcelone as the city that their interesting idea is realized. They put plenty of containers on each other and built a new apartment that consists of container houses. This building can accommodate eight rooms that are 30 square meters and four doubles that are 60 square meters. It is very pleasing news to see that sort of activity all around the world.

They are affordable as well as they are really beneficial in many manners. One doesn’t need to envy traditional homes for any reason if he doesn’t look for luxury accommodation.

One of the biggest advantages of these kinds of buildings is their , which is a very attractive word for our world now, as we are having environmental troubles such as drought, environmental and air pollution, unfortunately.

On the contrary to the widely-known rumor, container houses don’t have to be built as a few containers and have to be far away from the center of cities. As we can see in this example, their mobilization enables them to be anywhere desired, even if in a big building.

It also seems that this usage of container shipping houses will take more place in the next five years. In addition to what we have written above, an idea can come to mind, like what about an earthquake? Is that building really safe? Well, we can not of course claim that they are as strong as stone houses right now, however, it has gotten better and better every day. When they are totally localized, their construction robustness and reliability will also be safely tested and with no risk. It comes to their reliability and robustness, we as humans are doubtful and feel risky. However, if we think that they will not be localized unless they are totally reliable, we understand that it has nothing to worry about.

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The first shipping container apartment building in Barcelona was designed together with Eulia Architecture, Spanish Architect Yaiza Terré and design community Straddle3.


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