Glamping Style Cozy Container Home

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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from Austin, Texas, USA.

Sometimes you may just prefer a tiny house in order to have a relaxing camp than having a permanent house to live in. In that kind of case, you can just review such a tiny container shipping house that we will plan of introducing to you. The house is equipped with what you may be in need of during a camping tour. It is sized 9′ x 20′ and a container is 20-foot. Just because it is located as near to the center, you can get to the airport easily. Regardless you should not get worried about the noise of the city, because it is also far enough from the main ways.

Being small doesn’t always get equal to insufficiency just as in the present house. It has just one tiny shipping container which is colored as light blue and has a comfortable area outside for you to take a nice rest by lying down or have a warm conversation with your lovers, family, friends with a few cups of coffee.

When we have a look at the general appearance of the house, the color conformity automatically attracts our attention. The blue of the container and the orange of the wooden furniture seem to be perfectly compatible with each other. The harmony of the tiny house is not just existent outside, but it also existent inside. For instance, we see the light wood color in the bedroom with perfect conformity with the white color of bed sheets.

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We consider those kinds of container houses as very strong options for those who will try for the first time and are undecided about buying a container house or just renting it for a while.

If you want to stay in this cozy container house called Bamboo II, you can book here. It costs $105 per night.


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