Container House as an Example of Sustainable Architecture and Recycling Housing in Barcelona

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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from Spain.

Container house as an example of sustainable architecture and recycling housing in Barcelona.

A design house was built around Barcelona using shipping containers. This house is called the Barcelona Container House. A structure balanced with a rational architectural design, recycling and environment.

A family with new ideas and a desire to change the world wanted to build a recyclable house. Most of the reused elements had to be used in the construction of the house. It should be simple to build as they want to be part of the house by building it step by step.

The choice to make a container house project is that it is an easily recyclable element that is too much. Containers are a fast initial construction. In some structures, the cost of a container built house may be higher than the price of a traditional building, depending on the properties desired in the structure. The most important factors here are to minimize costs and provide the greatest possible comfort.

But in the case of the Barcelona Container House, the opposite was the case. The design, which accepts that the cost is higher due to the transformation required for the containers to be used as residences, was designed as a fast-built recycling element.

It doesn’t look like a house from the outside, it’s more of a series of stacked containers.

When the house opens itself, it is internal. A house arranged around an inner courtyard that stretches into the surrounding forest.

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In this way, the ground floor is projected with a free central area that runs along the outer courtyard and surrounds the view. The upper floor, which is reserved for rooms, used a minimum number of containers to build the roof of the ground floor.

The owners tried to preserve the natural state of the objects as much as possible and not to lose their natural identity. They wanted the endings to be minimal and the intervention to be simple and minimal. They wanted to build a house made of recycled elements without wasting resources with an economy.

An ecological architecture for the use of natural resources. The direction of the container house provides good heat treatment. Rainwater is collected in tanks for later use, and sunlight is used to generate electricity and hot water.

A house that cares for its inhabitants and its surroundings.



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