Breezy Shipping Container House is Wealthy in Glass and Greenery – Bangladesh

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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Some of the time a shipping container house resembles a house produced using shipping containers. Different occasions, it would seem that this exquisite home in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Nearby engineering firm River and Rain structured the Escape Den as a modern rethinking of the medium. The house is worked from four shipping containers that are masterminded at different edges on a steel outline. Every one of the containers sits without anyone else level, making a progression of plant-strewn patios and stairs that lead starting with one volume then onto the next.

The house begins the ground level with the nook and kitchen. Upstairs, a long container that has been welded together to extend the length of the house fits the two rooms. Over the patio, the front room gets its very own shiny volume.

The disconnected design makes the house feel light and vaporous, regardless of being worked from tough volumes of metal. It likewise helps that the designers supplanted whole dividers of metal with glass, transforming the containers into sun-filled boxes.


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