Can I build my own Shipping Container Home? – Step by Step Inspiration

Planning to build your own container homes like Mackenzie and Spenser? Having 1.34m followers (Life Uncontained – Youtube), this couple combined two large shipping containers to create a really cool house. But this is actually something you can do too. It just takes a bit of hard work, research, and, of course, willingness. So, what will be the stages of building your own container home? Let’s examine:

Have a Plan

First, have a plan. What size container home do you want to have? How much budget do you have to buy the area you are going to build? As you know, a lot of time is required for household items, technical items for construction, or decoration in the construction process. Do you have this?

Have a Budget Calculation

Perform a realistic budget calculation. In order for interior and exterior designing elements to be long-lasting, it is very important that you choose enough quality options. Proceed with a plan that can align with your financial position and affordability.

Decide on Container Type You Need for a Cozy Home

Choose the one that suits you among the different container types. There are many container alternatives evaluated in different classes in terms of shape, size, and whether they are eco-friendly or not. Condition and quality can also affect the prices of these containers. The size, structure, shape, and location of the house you plan will largely determine which type of container you need. If you’re planning construction to be permanently housed in a container home, you have to choose the highest quality, the container in the best condition.

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Avoid Unnecessary Additions

Try to stay away from unnecessary additions. What was the most important pro of owning a container home? Of course, they are cost-effective. So don’t make them unaffordable. Do not spend a lot of money on unnecessary details, you can complete the decorative details over time as your budget allows.

Decide on Home Square Footage

One of the important details that have an important place in your design and determine how many containers you will need in total is to decide on home square footage.

What are the Highlights of Life Uncontained’s Container House?

Every detail in Life Uncontained’s popular container home, from the placement of the kitchen cabinets to the design of the floor, is explained in the Youtube video. Dark-colored parquets were used in the floor cover-up process. Although not using a very different color from the old color in the transformation process made it a little difficult to see the mistakes in the work process, a much more well-groomed and stylish image emerged at the end of the work.

The first thing that couple did was actually use the container’s original floor by experimenting with oil finishing. But when they tried it, the results weren’t so good. This type of method meant that the floor was scratched very easily and it looked much brighter than necessary due to the polish layer. For this reason, the couple preferred to cover the floor with more modern and ready-made parquets.

When we look at the result, we see that the image is truly magnificent!

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Kitchen Cabinet Designs in a Container House: Design Ideas & Tips

It may be a good idea for a container house to always look stylish and spacious, and to have light colors to reflect the natural light it receives from outside in the most pleasant way.

  1. White color was preferred for kitchen cabinets in Life Uncontained’s container house design in the USA.
  2. The kitchen island, which is used in the middle of the kitchen, has a distance that can be easily walked between the other cabinets. This makes functional use possible in the kitchen.
  3. Wall-mounted additional cabinets were not preferred in the cabinets located directly opposite the kitchen island. This makes the environment look much more spacious and spacious. On the right, next to the refrigerator, more storage space is created by using both wall-mounted cabinets and lower cabinets.
  4. The large windows added to the kitchen area have created an appearance that can receive natural light more easily.

Is it worth building a Shipping Container House in the USA?

Well, if you’re actually dreaming of comfortable and nature-infused living space, but you want a more affordable construction process than traditional residences, shipping container houses aren’t a bad idea. The most important feature of this type of house, which is built with the reuse of old containers, is that they are ecological. They are truly ecological because they rely on the reuse of materials that have already been produced.

So, are these features enough to decide to build a Cargo container home in America?

Let’s put it this way: When we watched Life Uncontained channel and took a look at Mackenzie and Spenser’s house, we quickly realized that the most important advantage of building a container house is customizability. From the kitchen cabinets to the floor design, from the location of the lounge and bedrooms to the color of the walls, every detail is determined according to your wishes and needs. We think it’s really worth it.

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Containers, which you can buy as either 20 feet by 8 feet or 40 feet by 8 feet, provide you with the convenience of building a house at the cost and size you demand. In short, you can set the limit of your expenses yourself.

What are two types of containers for shipping cargo homes?

Here are the two types of containers you may see in the market:

One Trip Containers

During container selection, you will notice that some are called one trip. These are options that offer really good value in terms of value and decent condition. Generally, their price is higher, but they are preferred for long-term use.

As-Is Containers

The second type of container is called the ”as is” container. These are containers that carry hazardous chemicals or are worn out during the period they are used in cargo processes. Generally, the use of such options is not recommended. But of course, you can see people who take these types of containers and redesign them with great results.

Where To Buy Shipping Cargo Containers to Build a House?

You can visit national dealers or local sellers to buy containers. Generally, those who prefer national dealers face larger inventory and can choose more freely among containers of different conditions and sizes. In addition, national suppliers may offer additional service packages to deliver the container you have purchased to the point you request. These are things not offered by local providers.