Shipping Container Home by the River

Tired of the hustle and bustle of the city life and want to rest now?

Shipping container houses, which can make everyone’s dreams come true with their economic and easy construction, are among the most preferred houses recently.

You have such dreams and if you can’t make them come true, you can reach your dreams with shipping containers.

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The Amazing Container House of Your Dreams

Built with two 20 ft shipping containers, the house is located in Kalgan, Western Australia, Australia.

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When you enter the container house, a natural wooden countertop and matching black kitchen cabinets greet you.

Natural and recycled wood is used in the kitchen and even throughout the house.

Using recycled products when building a shipping container house can help you achieve your dreams faster as it will help your budget.

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On the right side of the kitchen, there is a peaceful sitting area created from natural materials where you can enjoy the lake view.

When you lie down in this sitting area, you can have a pleasant time by watching the white clouds in the deep blue sky during the day and the sparkling stars in the evening, as it is directly by the window and plunge into the world of dreams.

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In the bedroom of the house, recycled wood is used for the bed, ceiling lining and sitting area, which is in harmony with the white walls.

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Simplicity continues in the bathroom of the container house. There is a bathtub in the bathroom, where only the necessary details are included.

If you want to experience this container house, the price is $198 per night.

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Why should I live in a container home?

Think; You take a deep breath, breathe in the clean healthy air of the forest, pass through the greenery and come to the veranda of your house with a magnificent river view.

You can enter this patio and live a healthy, peaceful and happy life with your loved ones. You woke up fresh in the morning with a good sleep from your bed.

Afterwards, you and your children went to the river, which is dazzling with its azure water, right across your house and fished.

Before evening, you brought these fish home and cooked them on the useful barbecue on your patio and had a nice dinner with pleasant conversation.

Afterwards, you made a very nice camp by lighting a huge fire in the fire area right in front of your house and watching the sparkling stars of the sky.

Or you just had a romantic dinner with your partner, watching the stars in the sky while the candles were burning on the table in the dark without turning on the lights under the sky. And after this meal, you look at each other in front of the fire and make dreams of the future.

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Shipping Container Homes!!!

Since container houses are less costly and more useful than wooden and reinforced concrete houses, anyone can easily have them built.

Container houses, which take a very short time to build and are more economical than other structures, are among the most preferred houses recently.