Container House Located in the Seaside Village of Seoul

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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from Seoul, South Korea.

Of course, container houses are different from ordinary houses, so they are not very common.

In the summer of 2018, this family was introduced as Self-Made Building Container House in Today’s House Magazine.

The article mainly introduced the construction process of a container house that family returned from Seoul to a seaside village and sold.

When you enter the garage front door, you can see the kitchen first. It was designed in a completely different structure from ordinary apartments and houses. We think it might be the largest place in home.

Due to the nature of the kitchen, there are many built-in furniture.

The bathroom is the most greedy place. I wanted to have a spacious and comfortable bathtub, but when I saw the design of a rural house, I continued to reduce the size of the bathroom. In the end, I devoted myself to this minimal area. Instead, it was decorated dry. I put a fluffy rug to keep the children from falling over the bathroom floor.

The courtyard means the garden hidden in the building, but our courtyard is in the form of a courtyard surrounded by a c-shaped building. The advantage is that it is very private.

Children seem to play very well everywhere.

Our couple, who left Seoul for their children and suddenly moved to the countryside, feels proud when they see this.

A container house built with the spirit of a young couple, the dream is to live hard and maintain until the children grow up to become independent.

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