Impressive Interior Triangular Style Container House

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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from Chile.

Today, we continue the houses in container architecture with a house from Chile. We cannot see many houses in this concept in Chile, but recently, good projects continue to come.

This house is owned by Cynthia Rivera Poll. If you have questions about home, you can reach their Facebook account here.

The construction of the house began 2 years ago and is now completely finished. 3 x 40ft shipping container was used in the construction of the house. One 40ft container was used on one side and two 40ft containers stacked on the other side. The space between the containers increased the usage area of ​​the house and transformed the interior of the house into a bright and spacious place with the large glasses placed.

The black siding added a different atmosphere to the container house. I cannot say the same things for window frames. Maybe it would have provided a more modern look to the home if a different color was used.

When we enter the house, there is a really warm environment. Furniture and design have been great. The aged furniture used is simply perfect.

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