Container Houses That Looks Like a Half-Timbered House Decorated with Solid Wood

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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from Japan.

You can provide a small living space with a calm atmosphere at a relatively low cost and in a short construction period.
Why don’t you get your dream free space such as a study room or a hobby room?

A container house that is easy to install and low in construction costs, and is gaining popularity as an office or store. Recently, many products have been created that are designed to be comfortable as a living space by installing heat insulating materials and water areas.

Eiko Forestry Co., Ltd. to sell “sum MODERN + container HOUSE” is one of them. The characteristic is the thorough exterior construction that looks like a half-timbered house. Dressed up with solid wood of Japanese cypress and cedar, it gives warmth to the container house, which tends to give an inorganic impression. The Edo Kiriko pattern found in glass crafts also seems to appeal to the Japanese sensibility, and I cannot help feeling familiarity and nostalgia.

The original door of the container, which cannot be seen at first glance, can be used. It seems that he is particular about preparing another half-timbered door to achieve both functionality and design. It can be used for ventilation in midsummer and barbecue in the garden.

The interior is of course dressed up in solid wood. It feels like a lodge and is comfortable. You can freely choose the floor plan when ordering, so you can install a shower or toilet. Depending on your budget, it will also handle electricity, water supply and drainage facilities, and plumbing work, so you can have everything you need for living.

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A container chassis is also available as an option. Of course, this will allow you to tow and carry it, but there is another advantage. It will be possible to install in urbanization control areas. Normally, you can’t build a house, so you won’t be able to apply for building confirmation, but if you only pass the parking permit, it will be treated as a vehicle and you can install it without any problems.

“Wa MODERN + Container HOUSE” starts at $38000 with a delivery time of one month. If you like mountain lodges or want a container house that matches your garden, it’s worth a look.


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