Convenient Container House Model Designed with 3 Shipping Containers

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Today we will show you container house model from China.

Today we’re going to show you a model container house project whose design we really like. The container house model, designed by a Chinese company called Dalian Zhansheng Wooden, is designed to be very useful.

Container house market is rising rapidly in the world. Container houses may be a very viable option in the future, as they are relatively inexpensive and fast to build compared to traditional construction methods.

It is interesting that the construction of container houses is a viable option in northern European countries with more extreme climates, and container use is only just beginning in a country with a milder climate like Spain.

However, we must admit that container homes have become the possibility for many customers to choose from, and today it is getting stronger as a viable alternative.

Advantages of the Container Architecture:

  • Ease of transport and a variety of containers.
  • Easy to stack.
  • Fast build providing lower cost.
  • This part is important, due to the execution speed on the field to be lowered. Optimization in the use of materials, machines, facilities and above all, up to 50% savings can be achieved in the control of work flow during the construction process.
  • Its cost is lower than a traditional building.
  • By recycling a container, you protect the environment.
  • They are robust and safe.
  • Since they do not make permanent changes in the land, they are much more harmless to the environment than traditional buildings.
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Architecture with containers has become a sustainable trend in spatial understanding due to their natural aesthetic coatings. New technologies facilitate the efficient performance and design of the container containment.

Different types of containers allow the designer to adapt and reflect homes within a rectangular space. Beyond a simple aesthetics, they propose an unconventional identity to architectural design.

Sea containers are modular cargo containers, designed in the 50s to facilitate the transport of goods over long distances across the ocean.

Made of corrugated steel or aluminum, most reinforced with fiberglass reinforced plywood to prevent moisture during travel.


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