Incredible Container House made with 2 Shipping Containers in Puerto Rico

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Today we will show you container house from Puerto Rico.

Wonderful Living in a Container readers, we are in Puerto Rico for our tour today. We will show you the incredibly beautiful container house of Nisay Cruz and Miguel Santiago couple.

The architectural model chosen for the container house is one of the most preferred container house models. This model, which consists of two parallel shipping containers and the space in between, is very popular. If you want to take a look at the houses in this model that we have added before, I leave a few links below.

I want to talk a little bit about the exterior of the container house. Dark colored designs have always liked more. The dark colors used predominantly on the exterior of the house give the house a truly unique style. When you look at the house, the entrance ladder and the small ornamental pool decorated with stones next to it attract attention. These details come to the fore in a beautifully greened area.

The front and back sides of the containers were completely cut and glasses were added. In this way, a very spacious and bright space was obtained inside and the visuality of the house was much more beautiful on both sides.

There is a door at the back of the container house. In front of this door is a small balcony that is not at the front. Stone flooring has been made on the wall part of the balcony to the container side and a beautiful design is achieved.
In addition, a small stylish road with pebbles and tiles was built up to the back door of the house.

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Finally, on the right side of the house, there is a sliding door and a small veranda with access from the inside.

Let’s talk a little bit inside.

A large corridor greets you when you enter. The roof in the upper part of the corridor between the containers has been raised a little more than the containers and glasses have been added here. Thus, when you step home, it is possible to feel all the light inside. The interior decoration is simple and very modest.

In general, this shipping container transformation project has been very successful. We thank the hosts Nisay Cruz and Miguel Santiago. If you want to get information about the house, you can reach their facebook accounts here.

The container house market continues to grow for years. It seems that it will continue to rise, which it continued in 2020, in the coming years.


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