Economical and Ecological Impressive Container Tiny House (Look Inside)

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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from Bursa, Turkey.

Today, located in Bursa, one of Turkey’s largest city, we will show tiny container house with a wonderful interior design.

For more detailed information about this magnificent container house, you can watch the youtube video below or follow the @___daire___ instagram account.

We love to share examples of the container house movement with style and ideas in the world. It is a valuable article in terms of telling you that you do not need to give up everything at once in order to realize this plan, that you can stay there for maybe half of the week, that you can make big decisions on a land close to your home and build your second home without making big changes.

Most of us actually want to have an escape area. Until recent years, we had a summer house, farmhouse, chalet in our minds; This is what we heard. It is not possible for everyone to make these decisions and to implement them, either economically or temporally. That’s why we think the concept of “tiny house”, which is popular all over the world for different reasons, is important. Knowing that there is such a possibility, such an interim solution, comforts the majority. Some use this area to start cultivating, some to rest, others to escape; he is very personal.

Container is a good option for tiny house. But there are many issues to be aware of. we are in a container house in bursa in the last part of the circle.

You have decided to build a container house; How do you choose it, where will you buy it, will you prefer the first hand or second hand, if it is the second hand, what is the trick, what is the size, what fits inside, how many questions you will encounter such as how the insulation.

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This container is second hand, used in international trade. While choosing, homeowners paid attention to the fact that they carried dry food on time. The reason is the smell. Apart from that, of course, it was prioritized to have no impact in order to facilitate the subsequent isolation.

Containers are easy to find, with a little google search, you can find their size and price. However, while homeowners buy the container, the glass is used to cut the door areas; They have experienced the negative aspects of taking PVC’s pre-installation as a total service. They noticed that the drywall of the container was removed and the doors and windows were damaged during the transportation. Therefore, it may be a good idea to first place the container in your area and have the operations done where they are. At least now we know we need to pay attention to these.

We loved the practical kitchen solution of the container house. Those who like to look and be informed will know this island of ikea. Instead of having a kitchen built, the homeowners installed a sink on this island. They put a mini fridge underneath and a dishwasher behind it. Ideal for a tiny house with barbecue in the garden, 3-4 days a week! In addition to the cost of building a kitchen from scratch, we think it is both more economical and an alternative and spacious appearance. Being able to take the furniture in the future is another plus. Such a container tiny house can be an inspiration for those who are thinking of a small “kitchenette” in the garden, indoors or in their own home. A small glass sideboard is also supported to put plates and dishes into the portable kitchen.

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Tiny house dream / plans are spreading rapidly all over the world. Those who say they cannot live 24/7 or whose life is not ready for this join this trend with a small tiny house to go a few days a week. If you had a standard sized tiny house, how would you decorate it, what would you put in it? We look forward to your feedback in the comments …

The couple, who spent more than 20-25 years in corporate life in Bursa and are still actively working, built a tiny house from a container for themselves in a close but secluded area. Since they didn’t stay every day of the week, they used a sofa bed instead of narrowing the space with a bed. They gained space with a small pouffe that served as a chest, a base and small coffee tables. They preferred dark color on the walls to give depth and maximum window to show spaciousness. They solved the needs with a few colorful accessories and a few ikea items that are easily accessible and easy to install everywhere.

For container house, tiny house or generally tight spaces, a sliding door is a great idea to save space.

This must be the largest bathroom you can see in a tiny house. Homeowners did not want to keep the bathroom area small. The best part is that you can plan according to your own lifestyle and needs in these kinds of houses you build from scratch!

The door of the container house, where Yasemin and her husband spend 3-4 days a week and cultivate in the garden, first opens to the veranda and then to the garden. Their scenery is just an endless green as they position and place the container correctly. The minimum threshold of the door makes the interior and exterior spaces more integrated. It provides comfort while entering and leaving, as well as making it more aesthetic and functional. Its durability and contribution to insulation are also important.

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