FarmVille Cafe & Homestay – Malaysia

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Today we will show you the container cafe-hotel from Malaysia.

A tranquil country hotel set amid paddy fields in the coastal town of Sekinchan (about an hour and a half from Kuala Lumpur), Farm Villa Café and Homestay stands out with its rooms made from stacks of bright red shipping containers.
The property includes a swimming pool, an open-air patio atop most rooms, a barbecue area, a café—even a mini rooftop golf course. And even if you don’t stay here, you can always stop by to sip a tea or coffee in a sublime setting.

To many, container is just a metal box to facilitate the transportation of goods. Little realizing that it has more uses than initially intended; It can be converted into office space, restaurant, classroom and even bedroom.

And hence the concept of FarmVille Café and Homestay or more popularly known as “Sekinchan Container Hotel” is constructed using metal container of various sizes laid out in a unique position offering a full view of the famous Sekinchan paddy fields, vast greenery of paddy trees during planting session or seas of gold during maturing session.

Beside the serenity of the paddy field, visitors can also explore the many other local attractions which is within 5 minutes driving distance. Last but not least, Sekinchan also being a coastal town has many restaurants offering tasty seafood at bargain prices.

Your stay at Farmville Café and Homestay, be it with your family or with friends will indeed be a unique experience of back to nature and total relaxation.

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Source : Farm Villa Café and Homestay