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Luxury Shipping Container House – Canada

Hi everybody 🤗

We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from Bow Valley, Canada.

This house in Exshaw, Bow Valley, Canada is unique and interesting.
Six 40 foot shipping containers have been used in the build which were modified ‘off site’ which makes the build much quicker.
There is a garage behind the house which was built ‘on site’ with timber, steel etc. but not containers.

Shipping Container Homes

Blocks Container Structures is changing the game with affordable and durable structures perfect for personal homes, commercial buildings and industrial needs. People use durable Sea Cans/Shipping Containers to create incredible structures, designed and finished exactly to needs.

Benefits of Shipping Container Homes

There are many! Some of the benefits include the fact that shipping containers are sustainable, impervious to water, insects, rodents, mildew and fire, incredibly strong, less expensive, easy to expand, and they can reduce construction time by up to 40%.

Convenient in lifting, fixing and compounding, Container Homes are gaining considerable traction around the world. Container homes are considered as eco-friendly houses and buildings based on non-polluting materials. In recent past, a significant rise in demand for affordable housing structures has been witnessed. Utilization of used shipping containers to build prefabricated construction is an ongoing trend witnessed in the global construction industry.

Modular Buildings are slowly getting a hand on with many builders and construction companies in developing nations. The concept has already gained popularity in developed nations.

According to a survey, home owners consider prefabricated container homes as trustworthy and a practical and sensible way of building. Cost is also considered to be beneficiary factor prevailing the growth of container homes market. Container homes are considered to be 20X cheaper in maintenance than concrete and 55% stronger than wood buildings.


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Source : Blocks Container Structures

Shipping Container Home Made Easy™


  1. Virginia A. February 26, 2020

    I really enjoyed seeing this house. I was wondering how many beds &baths? How many square feet? Is there a floor plan available, and can I buy a copy?

  2. Joshua Edelman February 27, 2020

    I am also very curious on beds and baths, if theres a floor plan i would also like to get one of those

  3. rodney JOFANGKE April 23, 2020

    I really enjoyed seeing this house. I was wondering how many beds &baths? How many square feet? Is there a floor plan available, and can I buy a copy?

  4. Wilbur Wiggins September 12, 2020

    Do you have a Container Home (Pre fabricated Builder) in the Charleston South Carolina Area?

    I live in Hollywood South Carolina and would like a recommendation for a builder locally.

  5. Bob Gauthier October 24, 2020

    I am very interested with the design of the sea container. Would it be possible to get more info as well as the square footage. How much would something like that go for without the garage. Does it include shipping since I live in Saskatchewan.

  6. jiayin wang February 10, 2021

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    We have perfect supply capacity from design and development to production and assembly. We are able to provide structural drawings, water and electricity drawings, and foundation drawings for submission to the local committee for approval.

    We are very interested in working with you
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    Wechat: wangjiayin6765

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