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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from Brazil.

Casa Conteiner RD is conceived from the closeness of its proprietor with metallic structures: metallurgist by calling, longed for acting in the development of his own home, along with his group, incorporating modern arrangements in a setting of regular works. The possibility of ​​reusing and reframing shipping containers, which are instant and exceptionally safe structures, went directly to the desire of the design firm to build up a strange undertaking.

Another central point that guided the selection of materials was the enhancement of the work, both in time and simplicity of gathering forms, contrasting enormously from customary workmanship and strengthened cement. On a fundamental level, the utilization of shipping containers in developments occurs in discerning recommendations, one next to the other or stacked, because of the simplicity of dealing with these modules.

Beginning from the incredible basic potential that every container has, the conventional idea of Casa Conteiner RD developed: stacked however turned structures, advancing extraordinary adjusts and bizarre minutes. The motivation came during a review when originators saw a notable picture of an enormous boat, brimming with containers, all accumulated in chaos.

The house is located in a slope of Porto Alegre, probably the most noteworthy point in the city.

The scene unfurls through the enormous windows towards a protection zone close to the parcel, in the swinging and pivoting volume of the ace suite neglects the Guaíba River and its exceptional dusk. Different areas of containers in various ways gives distinctive scene sees. Notwithstanding the direction and area viewpoints, the parcel has more structure issues than ordinarily found in urban parts.

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Its shape has permitted all these turning developments to occur with the goal that the house’s implantation doesn’t come so near the part fringes. The house is easily separate, keeping up family closeness regardless of such a large number of outside openings that give cross ventilation.

The land additionally has a lofty slant, arranging a half-ground floor, where is the carport/workshop found. This volume, because of the contact with the ground, was made in precast solid structure, keeping the norm and mechanical rationale of the development. In the veneers, it was chosen to exploit the style of the shipping container itself, keeping the metallic structure clear. Indeed, even the fundamental passage entryway of the home is made with two unique entryways of shipping containers.

Inside, to guarantee thermo-acoustic quality, the dividers and roofs were secured with plasterboard, while flooring, subsequent to leveling with OSB plates and smoothing layer, got vinyl flooring. Some inward dividers uncover the crude structure, keeping and recalling that the bizarre house is a huge pinnacle of covering shipping containers.

Project: Casa Conteiner RD
Architects: KS arquitetos
Location: Porto Alegre, Brazil
Area: 350 sqm (3767 qsft)
Year: 2018
Photographs: Marcelo Donadussi
Manufacturers: Deca, Docol, Eliane, Beaulieu
Structural project: Manuel Barreras
Collaboration: Helmut Radke, Fabiano Sturmer
Precast structures: ASPM
Metal structures: Radke Industrial Solutions
Finishes: Elevato
Furniture: Radke Industrial Solutions

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