Luke Island Container Coffee Shop

Hi everybody,

Today we will show you the container Coffee Shop from China.

The container coffee shop located in Luke Island, Luhu Ecological City, Chengdu, Sichuan, is not only stylish and elegant, with special colors, but also low cost. It will not break the ecology and let customers everywhere smell the wind. It will give container coffee shops bring good returns.

  • Project address: Chengdu, Sichuan
  • Project Name: Public Box Container Coffee Shop
  • Project area: 180 square meters
  • Number of boxes: 6×40 feet (12032mmx2352mmx2698mm)

Buildings converted from abandoned containers, because of their green characteristics gradually sought after by designers.
After the industrial production of containers, the advantages are even more obvious.
This container coffee shop in Chengdu fully demonstrates its advantages.

Chengdu Container Coffee Shop is located on the shore of Luke Island in Luhu Ecological City. As a supporting space for real estate projects, it is not a simple business place. It must have multiple attributes of tourist reception, environmental image endorsement, and contemporary leisure life.

SOURCE : Zhonghebox

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