One of the Most Charming Shipping Container Houses That You Can Ever See

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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from Rio Fortuna, Santa Catarina, Brazil.

Have you ever dreamed of trying to experience a huge amount of pleasure of an amazing wooden container house next to a mountain?

After you meet this cute house, we are pretty sure that you definitely will do. The container has an inside area of 35 m2 and an outside area of 45 m2, while 1x40FT shipping containers were used. We should also specify that the whole property is located on a 1600 square meters territory.

This shipping container house that has extra areas for barbecue and entertainment contains a container with a bathroom, two bedrooms and a completely-equipped kitchen.

When it comes to the rest, there are two sofa beds and for those who would like to have breakfast or lunch comfortably, a roundish table with two chairs exists.

Of course, no one who intends to have the pleasure of a great holiday after many tiring office days doesn’t want to be in the inside part of the house the whole day. In relation to this fact, the container house was built as having an enjoyable outside area with barbecue, lavabo, a table with benches for 6 people, a playground for children.

After all these technical explanations, we would like to make all of you know its other very nice points.

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The house that is surrounded by all the beauties of nature is the neighbour of various animals such as fishes, dogs, pigs, rabbits, horses, which means that you can walk outside with cute animals or going for fishing.

We are proud of introducing this beautiful house with the big veranda, the dark-coloured wood covering its outside walls, the spectacular harmony of the wood and blue colour of the house.

Some people may think that the harmony of the colours of the house should not be very important to the customer, however we need to tell that many researches proved that visitors generally prefer staying in a house fitting its own colours.

If you want to stay in this house for $43 per night, you can access the Airbnb page here.


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