Priscila Azzini’s two 20ft L-shape Shipping Container Home Design!

When you think of a cozy, welcoming home, what images come to mind?

Maybe a quaint cottage with a warm fireplace, or a sleek modern apartment that maximizes every inch of space?

How about a home built from two 20ft shipping containers, boasting an L-shaped design, a white exterior that gleams in the sunlight, and a spacious veranda that beckons you to relax and unwind?

This isn’t a figment of the imagination; it’s the reality that Priscila Azzini has brought to life with her unique approach to shipping container home design.

Dive into the world where innovation meets comfort, and discover how Azzini has transformed the concept of home into a sanctuary for those who cherish relaxation and special moments.


In a world where cookie-cutter homes often dominate neighborhoods, Priscila Azzini stands out by embracing the unconventional.

Her shipping container home is a testament to thinking outside the box—literally. The L-shaped layout isn’t just a stylistic choice; it’s a strategic one that optimizes space and fosters a sense of intimacy and sanctuary.

The home’s white exterior isn’t just about aesthetics; it reflects the sunlight, keeping the interior cool and inviting.

And then there’s the veranda—a spacious outdoor area that extends the living space, offering a seamless transition from the coziness of the indoors to the beauty of the outdoors.

This isn’t just a house; it’s a dream backyard home where leisure and relaxation take center stage.

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Step inside, and you’ll find that this home defies its modest footprint with a compact yet well-equipped kitchen that boasts functionality and style.

The cozy living room, complete with a table and barbecue, is positioned to overlook the open space, enhancing the feeling of relaxation. It’s a setup that encourages moments of togetherness, whether you’re cooking up a storm or enjoying a quiet evening with loved ones.


The decor is where Priscila Azzini‘s vision of warmth and tranquility truly comes to life.

Simple furnishings are arranged in an inviting layout, complemented by a composition of rugs, colorful pillows, and prints that add vibrancy to the space.

It’s a reminder that sometimes, the simplest elements can create the most inviting atmospheres.

Photo : Priscila Azzini ( Youtube )


Besides its distinctive aesthetic, the use of two 20ft shipping containers for construction underscores the practicality of this choice.

It exemplifies sustainability, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility in design.

Shipping containers, often lying unused, are repurposed to create functional and stylish living spaces—a nod to environmental consciousness without compromising on comfort or design.


The big veranda is arguably the crown jewel of Priscila Azzini’s shipping container home. It’s more than just a feature; it’s an extension of the living space, a place where outdoor living is celebrated.

Whether for relaxation, social gatherings, or simply enjoying the natural surroundings, the veranda invites you to embrace the outdoors in comfort and style.

As we look to the future of home design, Azzini’s work encourages us to think differently, to see the potential in the everyday, and to create spaces that aren’t just places to live, but sanctuaries where life’s best moments can unfold.

Explore more about this fascinating world of shipping container homes and Priscila Azzini‘s unique designs, and let yourself be inspired to think outside the conventional boundaries of home design.