Quadrum Minimalist Ski Resort Georgia – USA

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Usually, when people envision idyllic snow-laden ski resorts, their minds drift to places like Aspen, Colorado or perhaps even the Swiss Alps. And while the Quadrum Ski Resort certainly wouldn’t look out of its element in either place, it’s actually located in a much more unique locale. That’s right, this minimalist winter retreat can be found 2,000 meters above sea level in the Caucasus mountains of Georgia.

Inspired by the very mountains that surround it, this pyramid-shaped resort is built from a series of repurposed shipping containers. And, to decrease the environmental impact of the hotel, it was put together up on a series of stilts. Then, sticking with that environmentally-friendly theme, much of the other build materials were actually sourced locally.

The result is a striking minimalist architectural feat that is as beautiful as it is cozy. As far as amenities are concerned, the Gudauri getaway offers everything from single rooms to double suites, a yoga and fitness center, a ski depot and a 5 minute walk to the nearest lift, free Wi-Fi, and more. For rates and booking, just contact the resort. [Purchase]

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