Reused Sea Container House in Mutxamel – Spain

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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from Spain.

NAME: Beades Arquitectos

Name : Beades Arquitectos & Salvador Martín Moreno

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Owner approach of sustainability : The aim of the design was to build a self-sufficient home, using renewable energy and sustainable materials 

he design objectives were:
* Avoid falling into sustainability doctrines or fashions that could involve extra costs.
* Selection of natural and low environmental impact materials on equal quality-price ratio.
* Achieve maximum durability with minimal maintenance.
* Reduce environmental impact and building time.

Architectural description: The building is a self-promoting two storey detached house, one is a semi-basement. The most remarkable fact about the building is that the structural system is a set of used ship containers. The building energy performance has been carefully designed to achieve an A rating and reduce the CO2 emissions and operating costs.
A rectangular plan shape has been used to achieve minimum heat losses. All the non-living areas have been designed to be on the semi-basement. On the upper level the layout respond to one bedroom apartments. A future roof extension has also been previewed.

The design process has involved an extensive data collection and research on container construction, usage, processing and transport. It has also led to an investigation on compatibility between the containers structural support and enclosure.

Some energy aspects of the project are:
Alternative energy use: aerothermal heat pump for heat, DHW and passive cold.
Mechanical ventilation heat recovery.
Natural light and ventilation in all rooms.
Efficient lighting, energy saving lamps with PIR sensor.
High performance thermal insulation with vapor and air tightness barrier.

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Source : construction21

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