Shipping Container House Model for Family of 4 People

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Today we will show you container house model from Warsaw, Poland.

Today we will be showing you the container house model for a family of 4 designed by designer Aliaksei Paulenkavich in Warsaw, Poland.

The place to be built has a lake and a pine forest nearby. Therefore, the main task was to protect mature trees from felling.

Another important point is timing. The construction of such a house can be realized in a short time. The containers are collected in a special factory and then delivered to the site by special transport.
The client basically did not want to destroy a large area of ​​land. For this reason, pile-grid foundation was used in the project.

And the last reason is prejudice. Installing containers on this type of land is much more effective than building a large house.

You can reach the common room by the stairs on the street or by two spiral stairs.

4 containers of 40 feet had to be placed in a small space, resulting in a recreation area for children, an area for adults i.e. a bedroom, a shared lounge for lunch and dinner, and a bathroom.

It was decided to move the lower containers asymmetrically and to combine the upper containers by reinforcing with metal columns. A patio area was created at the bottom, and they decided to place a block with a windproof film between the containers.

There is a large terrace on the upper floor.

The house is planned to be visited in spring and summer. Rainwater was hidden under the container and solar panels were brought to the roof.

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The project was prepared using Archicad, 3DsMax, Corona, Marvelous Designer, Adobe Photoshop programs.

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