How To Turn A Shipping Container Into A Cabin – Airbnb Style

Luna Cottage Container House, located in Ohio, which is one of the container houses that stand out with its cute and tiny structure and has a quality structure.

The container house, which has a different style, is designed with a more minimalist perspective, which attracts people’s attention.

Ohio, which has a life intertwined with nature, is preferred by people because this container house is located in the Wayne National Forest.

The container house, located in a rural and green area, has a forest view as a structure. Thus, thanks to its stylish design, it aims to provide comfort and peace at the same time.

Exploring Home Rental Options

This minimalist container house is suitable for renting. It is also possible to rent from Airbnb for $226 per night. Thus, you can experience staying in a container house by making a reservation.

The main foundation of the Luna Cottage container house is to design a tiny building to make it appear larger. – Image Courtesy of Hocking Hills Cottage Company

For this reason, the white and wood tones preferred in the exterior of the house made the house look like a country house. In addition, the light color tones preferred in the interior design of the house also reflect the width by providing integration with the house.

Container House Bedroom – Image Courtesy of Hocking Hills Cottage Company
Container House Bathroom – Image Courtesy of Hocking Hills Cottage Company

Luna Cottage container house is the single storey only.

The house has a bedroom and a bathroom. But the width of these rooms is such that people can feel comfortable. In addition, the presence of a large outdoor area provides comfort for parking the cars.

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There is a wonderful fire pit in the garden of the container house to relax you. – Image Courtesy of Hocking Hills Cottage Company

Certain areas have been created outside the container house so that people can spend time.

One of the highlights of these details is the design of a separate road outside the house. At the end of this road, details such as chairs and tables have been added to a large area. In this way, people have a nice area where they can spend time outside.

Wooden details on the outside of the house and white are very harmonious. – Image Courtesy of Hocking Hills Cottage Company

The cream, white and wood colors preferred in the exterior design of the house are perfect for revealing the country house feature. From the outside, it is not difficult to notice that this house reflects the country house characteristics at its best.

Located in a rural area, Luna Cottage container house will be a successful choice for those who want to get away from city life. The private jacuzzi of this house, which is located in nature, has also been interesting for people. There are also armchairs and sitting areas in the garden in this area.

Container House Kitchen – Image Courtesy of Hocking Hills Cottage Company

Light tones are included in the interior design of the well-stocked kitchen, which includes a cooktop, toaster, microwave oven, and refrigerator, which are among the items in the house. All cooking and dining accessories are provided to people with proper planning in the house.

Tips to Consider in Container House Design

There are important criteria that should always be considered in container house design. It will be easier to have an idea by evaluating these criteria.

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That’s why it’s time to examine what was taken into account when creating a container house with the best design that will appeal to people by paying attention to all the details.

If your container house is located in a rural area, choosing wood and light tones will make your house look more distinctive and pleasant.

Therefore, you should pay attention to the choice of color in the exterior design. You can create a different ambiance for your home in a short time.

Swinging chairs – Image Courtesy of Hocking Hills Cottage Company

Swinging chairs and sitting areas in the outside garden, which are the details used to create a relaxing environment, especially in a container house where you are intertwined with nature, also provide comfort for people.

Image Courtesy of Hocking Hills Cottage Company

If the container house has a tiny structure, it is also necessary to organize the items in the important parts of the house in the best way. Adopting a separate design to ensure the harmony of the furniture with the room and the colors, Luna Cottage achieves this harmony and makes the house look large despite its small size.

Fire Pit – Image Courtesy of Hocking Hills Cottage Company

If the patio parts of the houses have a view to the view, it will be one of the best choices to evaluate. That’s why Luna Cottage House has created special areas to evaluate this. The house, which has a barbecue area and grill section, is especially suitable for people’s hobbies to spend your free time.

Container House Veranda – Image Courtesy of Hocking Hills Cottage Company

The quality of materials is also very important when choosing a container house.

Container house prices vary according to the material and design used. The use of elements such as steel structure and columns in the exterior design of the house will also be a logical choice to strengthen a tiny container house.

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Luna Cottage, a tiny but useful container house, captures the enchanting effect. Even the awakening of this feeling of staying at home in people makes the house interesting.

If you’re interested in booking Nova Cottage, you can check out their Facebook and Airbnb pages.

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