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Shipping container turned into compact tiny house for two

This attractive shipping container -based tiny house sleeps up to two people and seems best suited as a weekend getaway or guest house rather than full-time home. Named True Studio, it can be outfitted with optional extras, including full off-grid functionality and smart home tech.

The True Studio is designed by Oregon-based Modern Dwellings and consists of a standard shipping container covered with a slatted metal facade (wooden facades are also available) and modified for windows, etc. To mitigate the poor thermal performance of the container, the firm used closed cell spray foam insulation.

The interior measures 160 sq ft (14.8 sq m), which is mostly taken up by a living/sleeping area. This features a double bed and some storage space, as well as a kitchen with oven and propane-powered four-burner stove, a sink and a fridge. A dining table with seating for two is nearby.

Elsewhere in the tiny house lies a bathroom with shower, sink, and incinerating toilet, which, as you’d expect, burns waste into ash instead of composting it as is the case in the more common composting toilet. One side of the container home opens up the home to the outside and the temperature is controlled with a mini-split air conditioning unit.

The True Studio runs from an RV-style hookup as standard but can be outfitted to run off-the-grid with either a standard solar panel setup or a Tesla solar unit. Other options include a voice-controlled smart home system, rainwater collection, additional deck, outdoor shower, and radiant underfloor heating.

Naturally, all of those will increase the US$55,000 starting price. For those more interested in just spending the night, the firm has an Airbnb model too.

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