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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

Container architecture continues to gradually influence the whole world. Container houses, which are beneficial in many ways, continue to become popular from the poorest countries to the richest countries. Durability and fast construction times are some of the reasons why container houses are most preferred.

The shipping container house we’re going to show you today is from Phoenix, Arizona. The container house built by Adaptive Shelters is formed by the attachment of two 40 FT shipping containers. The shipping container house, with a total of 640 sqft of living space, has a single bedroom and a single bathroom.

White is preferred as the color for the interior decoration and exterior of the house. Black is used in the complementary parts. Especially the black color used in the windows creates a very modern look inside and outside the house. Except for the dark colored floor in the interior decoration, white color prevails in all other details. Many windows in the living room created a spacious environment inside.

The container house looks pretty cool from the outside. It is possible to make wonderfully designed houses just by putting shipping containers next to each other. This is one of the most important features that distinguish container houses from traditional architecture. Although only glass details are added to the containers, it is possible to build a modern looking house.

I can’t imagine this container house produced by Adaptive Shelters in a green garden with a small veranda in front of it !!! You can share your views about the house in the comments section below.

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