Container Tiny Home in Southwest Washington – USA

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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from USA.

Jamie and Dave wanted to build a home for them, their 12-year-old son, dog, and cat. They are Pacific Northwesterners at heart and wanted to build in the area where they both grew up. The home is located in Southwest Washington, on the Columbia River.

Before they decided on building a container home, they lived what they would consider the “typical” American lifestyle. They worked hard to buy more stuff, then worked harder to afford it. They felt as if they could never get ahead, were stressed out, unhealthy, and always in a hurry.

They decided to make a change and move to simpler living. They began their container home journey with this in mind, but halfway through the build, Dave had an intracerebral Hemorrhage that almost took his life. The doctors could give no explanation as to why it happened or how he survived, but Jamie states that God saved his life, without a doubt.

She also believes this cemented their need to work on what really matters. The build gave Dave a purpose and a goal during recovery, and only 8 months after the hemorrhage the home was move-in ready. They now live much simpler, eat healthily, live chemical free, use essential oils, and try to live an all-around better life. They make time for family by going on hikes, floating on the Kalama River, and gardening.

When it came to the plans for the house, they knew they wanted a mortgage-free home that Dave could build.

He loves working with metal so a container home seemed the perfect route. Their container home consists of one 40’ shipping container on the bottom, and one 20’ shipping container set on the back half. There is also a 20’ deck that overlooks the valley outside the master bedroom.

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Favorite moment of the construction process was the day the containers were set in place. They had friends and family all around cheering as the containers were stacked and connected.

Their finished home reflects their new simplistic way of life, as well as their individualistic style. They both wanted a home that was not like everyone else’s, and they have definitely accomplished that. They love having family over for holidays, even though there is not enough room for a huge party.

However they have enough room for the kids to come over for dinner, play games, and enjoy what matters, time together. One of their favorite parts about this new house is sitting outside on the porch during springtime, watching the trees and flowers come to life, listening to the birds chattering, and enjoying each others company.

Jamie and Dave have advice for all dreamers. Do not give up! No matter your goal, even if it is to build a container home with little to no experience, change your lifestyle, and live out your dreams with your family; do not give up. You can get through the hard times, and usually these times show you what you are made of in the end. Just remember there is always joy in the journey if you look for it!

You can find out more about their story on Jamie’s blog or on Instagram at @that_tiny_life_love


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