Stunning $340.000 White Container House in Atlanta

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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

We continue to share amazing shipping container projects around the world. Our project that we will show you today was implemented by Concrete Roots Group in Atlanta, Georgia.

In general, we are talking about it in our articles, but we do not want to pass without mentioning today. There is really no limit to the number of house models you can make with shipping containers. Only 2 x 40 FT shipping containers were used in this project. You can find dozens of projects made with 2 shipping containers on our site.

Built in the Dixie Hills neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia, Wilson House was built through Concrete Roots Group, a company owned by Josh and Courtney couple, which promotes sustainable hosting.

The house sits on a foundation that is slightly higher at the rear due to the slope of the land on which it was built. 40 FT shipping containers placed on both sides of the foundation, reveal the main lines of the house.
A very large and useful area has been created in the area between the containers and the containers, and a total of 2200 sqft habitable area has been obtained. Thus, the container house has turned into a wonderful house with 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 bathrooms and an open concept. Wilson House, which has a large living room and a fully equipped kitchen, is among the details that attract attention.
In addition, a 2-car garage was built at the front of the house to merge with the house.

When modern construction methods of today are combined with durable steel shipping containers, eye-catching and useful structures can be created.

Shipping containers are strong by nature and can be incredibly energy efficient, with the ability to handle both hot summers and cold and windy winters.
This modern designed container house has a seamless open concept that expands outside to create the ultimate entertainment space.

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If you want to build such a stunning container house or get detailed information, you can contact Concrete Roots Group here.


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