Stunning 40FT Shipping Container Transformation

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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from Australia.

Australia, Australia, Australia … Shipping container houses are one of the pioneering countries that have fueled this trend when it comes to mind. The rise of shipping container homes is still continuing. With the change in people’s habits throughout the pandemic, interest in such construction methods continues to increase day by day. During these bad days, people turned to a separate lifestyle in order to be more in touch with nature and away from the crowd. This trend has been one of the factors affecting the growth of the tiny house market and container house market in particular.

The container house project we want to show you today was made by Cam Mulholland.

1 x 40FT shipping container was used in the construction of the house. The exterior of the house has been left intact. We really like this situation as a team. The appearance of shipping containers really adds a different spirit to that house. We have expressed this in many of our previous articles.

The soft color of the shipping container has also adapted well to the environment where it is located. The glasses that transform the classic container image outside the building into modernity are enormous.

When we take a look inside the container house, the size changes. No matter how simple the design is on the outside, there is a very cool design inside. Dark colored cabinets and ceramics work in full harmony. In the bathroom, light-colored cabinets combined with dark colors provide a simple but elegant design.

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In general, everything that can be done in a 40FT container has been done. The interior is modern and the outside is the simplicity of the container. We think it was a successful work. Congratulations to Cam Mulholland for this beautiful house he brought out.

Container houses have become a highly preferred architecture with their extraordinary appearance and construction facilities. If you want to build a container house, but do not know where to start, you can find answers to all the questions you are looking for with the container house building guide that we link below.


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