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Majestic House Model That You Can Build with Shipping Containers

Due to the pandemic we have been experiencing in recent years, the tendency towards modular structures has increased considerably all over the world. Shipping container houses, which started to become popular before the pandemic, managed to become almost the world’s highest-growing real estate trend at this time.

There are, of course, negative comments about the usability of these houses by some groups about shipping container houses. We have witnessed these in almost all sectors that have become a trend before.

Houses made with shipping containers have a really different appeal. Even when you look at a container house that has no exterior, it manages to impress you. I don’t know, maybe we think so because we love these houses very much … But the reactions to these houses on social media confirm this. People want to get away from classical architecture that has been going on for years. They tend to build structures that are easy to design and build themselves. The fact that the construction period is quite short compared to other concrete structures makes container houses a little more advantageous.

It is really pleasurable for people to want to build their own house, to take care of every detail of their home. There are dozens of channels on Youtube that live this experience and share it with their audience. One of the most popular is Life Uncontained. The couple share all the details about the container house they built. If you want to watch, you can reach the channel here.

Now let’s come to the container house we will show you today… More precisely, let’s call it a model house…

The container house has a Scandinavian inspired look. You can build this house using a 2x40FT shipping container.
The dark panels used on the exterior and roof of the house and the wooden details used in the interior are in perfect harmony. The presence of protrusions on the roof, which gives an aesthetic appearance and protects the side walls from both rain, snow and excessive sun, is also very beneficial.

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The exterior of the house is absolutely gorgeous !!! I can say that it is one of the most beautiful single-storey houses I have seen recently.

What we can do with shipping containers is truly limitless. Do not hesitate to share with us if you have a container house, model model or drawing you own.


If you want to build a container house but don’t know where to start, you can start this process by purchasing our step-by-step guide to making a shipping container.

You can now have 4 books that will teach you the details of building a container house like a professional by paying only $47 instead of $97.

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  1. Ariouat March 15, 2021

    Je suis intéressée votre maisons conteneurs
    Est-ce que vous pouvez faisons expédition en Afrique Algérie

  2. Darlene viella March 16, 2021

    Trying to buy your step by step book thank you Darlene

  3. Sophie de Bourgoing April 12, 2021

    Avez-vous un représentant en Normandie (France) ?
    Sophie de Bourgoing
    Mail : [email protected]

  4. jessie R June 2, 2022

    What is a good cost estimate for the house above? I’m looking to possibly use this concept. thank you.

  5. Hilda Lott July 4, 2022

    Hi, do you have a blue print on this container house? We are in the process of building our house here in Florida, undecided if we go for hollow blocks build house or container but then is container house approve in florida.


  6. Douglas July 29, 2022

    yes would love to be on your mailing list? would love to order one with two bed rooms 2 baths, like three box put together, In Vermont.. every thing on one floor, vary nice.. Douglas Farnham 348 vt rte 14 williamstown vt. 05679 .

  7. Jane Doe November 27, 2022

    No costs. Be leary!!!

  8. Christine Ross January 27, 2023

    I would love to have one of these homes..What is the price to build one..??

    • Shileen July 12, 2023

      I didn’t forget. I sent an email. I love love love this designer!

  9. Lauran Lee April 28, 2023

    Would like to get more info and plans

  10. John Nachant May 24, 2023

    Approx what would a 1600 sq. ft. Granny flat cost. I live in San Diego. The granny flat will go in my back yard 50’ x 30’ flat. Will need Crane to lift over house

  11. Damaris June 9, 2023

    Interested in this type of model and would also like to know how much roughly would it cost?

  12. Marierts Silva June 10, 2023

    Hello, I do like to have more information please.

  13. Eric SIXDENIER August 23, 2023

    can you send me more informations and price about this model.
    I live in south of France.Thank you.

  14. Judy Brannon September 4, 2023

    Can I get the plans (how much are the plans)for this home please? Also how much in US dollars to build it.

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