A Very Nice Shipping Container House Located in North Miami Beach

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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from North Miami Beach, Florida, USA.

As you, as our followers, well know, we have been aiming at sharing as much information and experience about shipping container houses as possible. Why we continue doing this is because we believe that shipping container houses have just started to change people’s views on making a decision about houses. In addition to what we have just said, there is also a serious reason that we are really interested in the history of shipping container houses and their unignorable rise in the market.

Today, we are here with a new shipping container house that is located in North Miami beach. We think that our followers should be aware of its existence since it is really affordable for its quality and promising in many terms. This very spectacular house has a living space of 1360 sqft with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, which means that you will feel the comfort of the shipping container house when you start to live in it. Its layout is also very distinct from traditional houses.

This shipping container house that was built in 2020 is intended for single-family.

It is now open to be sold and from many points, it is clearly agreeable such as having a feature of doors that can resist high impacts and of the exterior lighting system. It has two heating systems, one of them is central cooling and the other one is central heating.

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It is located in North Miami Beach and not far away from the center, which means that when you are in need of something important to you, you can easily reach the center and find whatever you need. Its total cost is $355,000 and we are closer to the idea that it is actually designed deliberately well in terms of affordability.

When it comes to the design of this shipping container house, we can say that it has generally white color for its frontage and it has light colors again internally. Since you have the independence to change its colors, we consider that there is no serious problem even if you do not like its present colors and design.

Finally, we would like to inform you about its extra fees like annual tax amount. Its annual tax amount is 1520. If you are willing to live in such a shipping container house with metal construction, metal roof; we can suggest this house for you.

We hope that what we have talked about will be useful for you who are our followers.

If you want to learn more about shipping container houses produced by the experienced manufacturer Ecotainer Concept, you can find it here.


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