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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from Canberra, Australia.

We will talk about a shipping container house for sale today and try to introduce its features to you. The shipping container house basically consists of one bedroom, one very-nicely decorated bathroom, one beneficial kitchen, one relaxing and simple study area, and one covered deck. It is actually a product of 4×20′ shipping containers. We have already told you before that one of the most important features of shipping container houses is to be integrated into each other and become a new house.

There are additionally 4x high cubes 20 footers for single trip containers; doors and windows that are made of UPVC with a line detail that has shadow; strong bamboo floorboard with the thickness of 14 mm.

In a shipping container house, the only important criterion is not its features, of course. There may be unfortunately an emergency time in which you have to be calm and very careful for the safety of your own and your family. Smeg oven, water filtration mechanism under the sink, two air-conditioners that are mounted on walls, a hot water system with heat pump.

In the general shipping container houses types of this manufacturer, there is one bed, one kitchen, one bathroom, one lounge.

Their containers are repurposed as you know from our previous articles, and the roof that they use for the top of the shipping container house is so solid that you do not need to be worried about rain leakage.

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When you have some troubles with the location of your shipping container house, you can disassemble all the components and structural materials of the shipping container house and move it to a place where you would like your shipping container house to be located. The house is enabled to have new utility connections such as stormwater, water, electricity, sewer, and so on.

When we look at the internal decoration of the shipping container house, we can easily determine that the cream color inside the shipping container house is really predominant and its decoration gives a comfortable feeling. If you have been looking for living in a house with minimum disturbance, moving flexibility, and a very important feature which is structural integrity, which means there is no disconformity among structures. Just like almost every shipping container houses, this is also a friend of nature, sustainable, reusable, and has materials that can be repurposed. Its total cost is $270.000 including gst.

Can I buy one?

Of course! There are many builders/suppliers of Tiny Houses in Australia. If you’ve like to find out more about Mini-G, contact Stack Space.


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