Mini-G Tiny Home That’s Big on Size

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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from Queanbeyan, NSW, Australia.

Container homes are fast becoming a big trend in Australia – they’re affordable, sustainable and make the most of a small area.

In this article, we would like to mention an Australian manufacturing company that is qualified for transforming shipping containers into high-quality accommodation opportunities that provide enjoyment, rest and living.

We have already said in our previous article that shipping containers were designed and manufactured for a specific purpose, which is clearly transportation. There are also manufacturing companies that convert shipping containers into houses for their abundant customers.

Stack space‘ is one of those kinds of companies that aim to offer comprehensive service with a greatly-precise collaboration.

Today, we will show you the Mini-G model, one of the models produced by Stack House. 1×20′ High Cube shipping container was used in the construction of the 20 m2 container house.

Container house is slightly different from models made from a single container. In the design of this house, a steel construction was added on the container. This added area is used as a bedroom.

Plywood coating is generally preferred in the interior design of the house. The building is insulated with closed cell spray foam used in the floors, ceilings and walls. Care has been taken to ensure that the devices used in the building are energy-efficient.

The starting price of the Mini-G model is $165,000.

Can I buy one?

Of course! There are many builders/suppliers of Tiny Houses in Australia. If you’ve like to find out more about Mini-G, contact Stack Space.

They claim that the harmony and conformity between the design and building process are very crucial and should be so spectacular that everyone who sees the two must be delighted and amazed with their beauty.

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That is why their houses’ frontages are exclusive and conformable with their structure style. According to them, they are several benefits and pros of shipping container homes.

First of all, they are more affordable than a usual home in general. As they can be moved from a chaotic location filled with disturbance to where the only existent thing is serenity.

They have another advantage that they are flexible with capacity in terms of increasing the number of spaces, rooms and new modules or reducing the number of the present rooms, spaces and modules.

When it comes to sustainability, reusability, repurposing, and thermal efficiency, they do a good job and more acceptable than other solutions. Far from these technical explanations and advantages, there is also a distinct advantage for your sense of visuality.

They can be completely designed on your personal tastes.

Colors, shapes and sizes of walls, frontage, interior parts would totally fit your choices. Well, all of us know that they have numerous, countless advantages, however, we are limited to time and no way to talk about all of them in such a short time.

We are now about to let you know a few offers of the company and what each option includes. Except for the customizable models, there are some standard packages.

  • The first one is called “side by side” with thirty square meters. The second one is called “offset” with thirty-five square meters.
  • The third one is called “triplet” with fifty square meters.
  • The fourth one is called “quartet” with seventy-two square meters.
  • The fifth one is called “quintet” with eighty-three square meters. The last one’s title is “wrap-around” with a living space of ninety square meters.
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There are also extras such as integrated storage, external mesh wall, balconies, solar panels and so on. With a short evaluation and consideration, we can say that shipping container homes are incredibly convenient.

If you want to join the popular housing trend of recent times but do not know where to start, you can find the answers to the questions you are looking for by purchasing the ‘Step-by-Step Container House Guide‘.