A Deep Insight into Shipping Container Houses

We basically consider that if something gets crucial all around the world and starts to affect the present fashion, its history must be very strong and it must be well known extensively. There is a vast number of instances that prove that our first prejudice is wrong indeed. Our article is going to be about the importance of shipping containers today. They were not existent until a short time ago, but it is now impossible to ignore its crazy raise all around the world and on the choices of people who are keen on traveling around.

We will specifically focus on its short interesting history, effects on the people’s desire, and acceleration which is really remarkable. How we think that we are going to do that includes the pros and cons of preferring container houses. It is clear that we need to take a close look at its fundamentals in order to comprehend what we have been experiencing for a while.

For what reason do shipping containers exist?

Well, the main idea to create them was about how to transfer products in safe along continents and sea. There can be of course a big number of ways to solve that issue, however, to solve the issue is not the only one that we must look for. What do we mean? We particularly try to mean that it must also be a beneficial and efficient way by the way. Otherwise, it will cost a huge amount of money, which means that such a way can not be considered and preferred and even acceptable because it is unaffordable.

In order to meet this transportation requirement of products, goods, and crops; it was crucial to take three incredibly important factors into account. The first one was that they had to be big enough to be able to contain a few thousand cubic meters of products while it had to fit into a vehicle. The second and very important factor is about its strength. If it was not firmly and sturdily constructed, well there would not be a safe way for it to accomplish the mission of transportation, which means that a huge amount of money is just wasted. The three and final factor was about its design, shape, geometry since its geometry was not conformable with the geometry of the vehicle such as truck or ship, it would be impossible to transport products across sea and land. Fortunately thanks to some special people, in a very short period they have become indispensable for our transportation processes and traveling preferences.

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We should not also ignore that their creation was not enough by itself, because it is very important to spread it on the whole world for its usage to be done. So, this is also done by some hardworking people just like in many scientifical developments that belong to the history of humanity and the world.

As a general, basic, but important question here, what is a shipping container house indeed?

We are pretty sure that the reality is a bit different on the contrary to what many people think of about shipping container houses and buildings. They are not just decorative buildings, first of all. It is quite possible and normal to live in them in safe and piece. They can have large living spaces in themselves and have a very attractive and glamorous exterior design just like traditional houses with stones.

They do not have to be just one-storied, they can also have two-three storied or even more just like usual buildings. It is also not about going for cheaper ways, because they can even be more expensive than a usual house as well. The general point which we have been trying to able to focus on and explain to you is that their features are not very different and divergent from traditional constructions. It is just about the choice of a person who evaluates his possibilities to live somewhere affordable and enjoyable.

They are also widespread and as you can read in our article that was published a few articles ago, they take very important places in Barcelona, creating a new street that just includes shipping container houses and apartments. Yes, you did not read anything wrong, they are that famous and suitable. They do not fit in every structural geometry, because their shape is limited from some physical points, but when there is a suitable place for them, well they can be an apartment as well.

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Ohaupo Container House Made Out of Twelve Shipping Containers – New Zealand

Have you realized what an unbelievable development shipping container houses reached?

This is why we are proud of being interested in shipping container houses. What kind of reasons can a person have to make a choice to live in a shipping container house? Well, there can be a vast number of reasons to find living in a shipping container house to be acceptable, but here a few reasons are. The first reason can be its mobility that provides with freedom to choose where to live, which means that one does not have to live in his/her country, it is also possible to go abroad with house. The other thing that we need to take into account is of course affordability of the shipping container houses. They are generally cheaper than usual structures, because of the structure material that is used to build them.

We do not claim that all the pros and cons of shipping container houses are definitely relevant to you, but at least, we are sure that some of them are going to look logical to you. We have attracted attention to some personal reasons until now, but here is the very important reason, sustainability! People have become more careful and attentive when it comes to the protection of nature. It is very nice news and let’s come to the sustainability factor of shipping container houses. The main material that is used for the construction of a shipping container house is completely reusable since it doesn’t evaporate or get involved with plastics that damage nature really harmfully.

What about its solidness?

We can also easily say that they are incredibly strong, so strong that they are made of steel, which means that they are resistant to shocking impacts, instant pressure surges, and long-term forces that are applied to their material. They are far away from instability.

On the other hand, it is also the product of a very different and unique idea, to be honest. It was just created by using metal and designed to transport goods, products, crops across sea and land in safe, but now we have been using them for a living area, which is more than a living area.

Its material is very usual, but what about what is done with that material?

It is an ironic construction in which we can live, experience many nice moments with our family and friends, cook delicious foods, get relaxed in serenity, and reorganize thoughts in mind. They provide us with a very critical and remarkable benefit, which is flexibility.

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They can be moved from a place that you do not like anymore to somewhere else that you chose to live.

They can be transformed from a living area, house to something else that can contain kinds of stuff just like a container. It means that your investment in this project will not be wasted, because you have a chance to change its function. In a very short time, you can change all its functions, design, and location, so that is why you need to take a further close look at the shipping container houses market which has been continuously grown and risen perfectly.

All of us know that a vast number of people are fans of shipping container houses because they have really serious reasons. However, it does not mean that shipping container houses are good choices just because there are lots of fans of it, of course. We are here to prove its quality and acceptability by giving you the main ideas. In order to be objective on such topics, it is extremely required to have enough knowledge, and we know and try to let you know as well. The market of shipping container houses has just started to compete with traditional houses and let’s tell you that it is very soon for it to defeat traditional comprehension. They are of course have negative sides such as being in lack of being built anywhere.

We know that we did not mention its sizes specifically and let’s come to that subject.

Their sizes vary among very large measurements, but we can give you the standard, general sizes of them. They are generally 8 feet wide but can be wider than this of course. They can contain two, three or more rooms as well as kitchen, bathrooms, hall, storage spaces, veranda and so on. There is theoretically no limit here. If you are determined to live in wider rooms, well you can solve this problem by resisting economical and temporal issues.

While you live in a flat of an apartment, it is certain whether you have an extra space to put your stuff or not. However, this is not the same while you live in a shipping container house since you have an opportunity to add a new container next to your present container house and solve the problem easily. We above told that they have of course cons as well. In traditional houses, cables of electrical systems are hidden behind the walls and are not visible. In addition to the electrical point, the air-conditioning system can also be mentioned here because it may sometimes not be very easy to locate the air-conditioning system spread the air along the walls of the room centrally and precisely.

Finally, we have just come to the end of our article and the only thing we tried to do is to point at the fundamental ideas, history of shipping container houses and reasons to choose them.