A New Approach to the Shipping Container Houses, C-HOME

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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from Claverack-Red Mills, New York, USA.

Today, we would like to talk about a different type of container shipping houses, called C-Home. In general, their exterior design varies as a vast number of schemes, they have nevertheless common features similar to each other as well. When you see cutting diagonal edges on the frontage of a container shipping house, well you can begin to consider that it is a member of the c-home style.

The house consists of six shipping containers that give 1920 square feet of living space on two floors.

It is a nice situation for the guests of this house to have two floors, which states that they are going to be more relaxed and feel more serene while enjoying more living space. On the first floor, there is a very attractive open layout that is harmonic with the living room and a very beneficial kitchen; and on the floor above, two bedrooms take place.

As all of us can realize that what makes a shipping container house look spectacular and glamorous is not directly the money that is spent for the house or the effort that is exerted for the building of the house or the material that is used for its construction or design, but it is mostly about the harmony, conformity of the colors that cover its exterior faces. There is a remarkable harmony in the house and the dark colors such as wooden colors, grey colors, and many others.

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You should not feel as you have to stay in a two-storied shipping container house, because you can also find their other one-storied type, which means that their type of construction varies in a very large preference area. Some of the manufacturers of these types of shipping container houses can be mentioned like Ikea, McMaster-Carr, Miele, Runtal, Sugatsune, Toto, Corian, Elfa, Fagor, Malm Zircon. So on that way, you can right now begin to look for a c-home suitable for you. It can be three-storied, four-storied in other models as well.

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