Tiny House in Puerto Rico Made Of Recycled Shipping Container

People’s constant search for innovations has led to the emergence of innovations in the real estate sector, as in many other industries. In recent years, shipping container houses have become an alternative method of building for those who do not want to build houses using traditional methods. This alternative option is becoming a very popular trend today.

Shipping containers may not appeal to you at first glance and may cause you to think negatively. However, these rectangular boxes offer much more than they seem. You can create thousands of combinations such as side by side, on top of the other, two on the bottom and one on top. You can be your own architect while designing your container house. You can make container models from empty cardboard boxes and create the container house design you want very easily with these boxes.

The disadvantage of a traditionally built home is that construction and design have to be done on site. Everything is permanently placed in one site and built from scratch. In container houses, you have one more option. Building in the factory. You can have your container house manufactured the way you want at the manufacturer’s facility and then move it to the site.

This house, which we will show you today, was built just like that. Its production was made in the factory and its final form was transported to the field with trucks.

Container house is located in the Aguadilla area of ​​Puerto Rico. Project owner: Eddie Delgado

Shipping container house has a simple but clean look. The house has a shutter system that we don’t usually see in container houses. There is a shutter system in all glass areas in the house. The soft color and raised foundation of the house are other details that attract attention in the house.

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Container homes can be the next best thing in the real estate industry, due to their fast build times, structural rigidity, and being more affordable than traditional buildings.

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