Man Built His Dream House Using 4 Shipping Containers for $150,000

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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from South Coast, New South Wales, Australia.

Hello again from Australia, which is home to the most beautiful structures made with shipping containers. In our today’s tour, we’ll talk about the container house Jake Richards built in South Coast, New South Wales, Australia.

4 x 40′ High Cube shipping container was used in the construction of the container house. The house, which has a usage area of ​​130 m2, took 3 years to complete.

The cost of the house is about $150,000.

The architecture of the house is designed with two containers on the ground floor and two on the upper floor. Containers on the top are stacked approximately 2m behind. In this way, a lovely balcony was obtained in the front of the house. Dark colors dominate the overall design of the house. Black details are dominant on the windows. Wood veneer is preferred on the exterior of the house. The thinness of the wooden coating and its laying horizontally gave the house a beautiful visual. Congratulations to Jake Richards for this beautiful container house he completed in 3 years by his own means.

If you have an interest in container houses, “traditional architecture” will be less attractive to you. With containers, you can be modern looking, vintage looking or whatever you can imagine. Container houses can be as simple as a single cargo unit with doors and windows, or can be enlarged with several containers for a larger area. You have hundreds of options to make with shipping containers. You can create multi-storey container houses, put them on wheels, add porches, glazed all over, or whatever fits your unique style with a container house!

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Nowadays, especially in the last year, many people have had to change their lifestyles due to Covid-19.

That’s why people started to focus on new and innovative home solutions. Container houses started to gain popularity in many countries during this period due to their easy purchase and sustainability.

There are more than 14 million out of service shipping containers in the world. Some of these are currently used to build residences, apartment complexes, student accommodation, shopping malls. According to a market report prepared by the Business Research Company, the United States dominates the container-house market with approximately 40% market share, followed by Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America and South Africa.

Container houses can be built in two ways. Fixed or mobile. Every country has its own building and zoning standards, which can sometimes be very complex. Regulations can include the type of structure to be used, the requirements for square feet, the minimum insulation materials required, and the steel frame requirements required if you’re building a second floor. These houses can be built on your land or in the factory and moved to the land.

The cost of container homes ranges from $25,000 to $300,000. You can also exceed the $300,000 level depending on the materials you use and the size of the house. Overall, the cost per square foot is significantly lower than for traditional architecture.

Market Watch in Australia predicts that container homes will have a global compound annual growth of over 6.5% over the next 5 years.

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