Stunning Lakefront Home Made from 10 Shipping Containers

Hello, Living in a Container readers! Today, I’m thrilled to share with you another fantastic shipping container home discovery.

As many of you may have noticed, the trend of building with shipping containers is rapidly increasing. Now, it’s common to see shipping container homes popping up in neighborhoods or near where you live.

We predict this popularity will continue to rise in the near future. When people think of shipping containers, they often imagine a single 40ft container similar to those used in tiny homes. However, shipping container homes can be so much more than that.

Lakefront Home Made from 10 Shipping Containers – Photo : Airbnb

A Marvel of Modern Design

This stunning home is located in Sarona, Wisconsin, United States.

Constructed using six 40ft and four 20ft shipping containers, this family home boasts four bedrooms and three bathrooms.

The house offers a breathtaking lake view, built with four 40ft and four 20ft containers on the ground floor, topped with two additional 40ft containers that form the upper level, which features a spacious terrace.

With such a spectacular view, the expansive terrace is a perfect addition!

Photo : Airbnb

Exterior Elegance

The home is painted in a beautiful dark gray, complemented with wooden accents, showcasing how aesthetically pleasing shipping containers can be without requiring a hefty budget.

Interior Design and Layout

Living Room

Photo : Airbnb

The living room, centrally located in the container home, offers a stunning lake view. It’s decorated in a minimalist style that is easy on the eyes and exudes tranquility.


Photo : Airbnb

The kitchen is spacious and highly functional, designed to meet the needs of any family.


Photo : Airbnb

Three of the four bedrooms feature king-size beds and are generously sized. The fourth bedroom includes two bunk beds, making it perfect for children or additional guests.


Photo : Airbnb
Photo : Airbnb
Photo : Airbnb

The bathrooms are simply exquisite, each designed with a unique theme. One is decorated in black, another in white, and the third in green, providing a diverse and luxurious experience.

Photo : Airbnb

Experience This Unique Home

If you wish to experience staying in this incredible home, it is available for rent on Airbnb at $415 per night. Here’s the link: Airbnb Listing.

We hope this home has inspired you and brought you one step closer to realizing your dream container home project. For more unique container home discoveries from around the world, stay tuned to our blog.

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