Ready to Buy? Explore 7 Stunning 40ft Shipping Container Homes Available Now!

Are you seeking a unique, sustainable, and stylish home solution? Look no further! Our special feature unveils the fascinating world of 40ft shipping container homes, available for purchase right now. These aren’t just homes; they’re architectural marvels, blending eco-friendliness with modern design, all within the compact footprint of a shipping container.

Join us as we delve into the offerings of five trailblazing companies: Back Country Containers, Alternative Living Spaces, Custom Container Living, Offgrid Dwellings, and Bobs Containers. Their creations range from the affordable starting price of $75,000 to the more luxurious options at $142,000. Each home, constructed from a single 40ft shipping container, showcases the incredible potential of small-scale, alternative living.

Stay tuned as we explore these market alternatives, offering you insights and inspiration to choose your own container home. This journey promises to be an eye-opener into the world of compact, yet lavish living spaces. Let’s start this adventure together!


Image : Backcountry Containers

The Kennedy by Backcountry Containers:

A Compact Luxury in a 40ft Container Home



Introducing “The Kennedy” by Backcountry Containers, a gem in the world of container homes, featured on HGTV’s Tiny House, Big Living. This 40ft container home, starting at an accessible $75,000, is not just a living space, but a statement of modern, compact luxury.

Interior Highlights

  • Bathroom: The Kennedy offers a spacious bathroom equipped with a large shower, a ceramic vessel sink, and ample under-sink cabinet storage. It also features a built-in floating vanity with shelving and a standard residential toilet, complemented by open shelving above.
  • Bedroom: Privacy is paramount in the enclosed bedroom, designed to accommodate a queen-size bed, complete with a bedside table or floating shelf.
  • Kitchen: The heart of this home is its well-designed kitchen. It boasts butcher block countertops, quality cabinetry with soft-close hardware, floating butcher block shelves, and essential appliances, including a 2-burner electric induction cooktop and space for an apartment-sized refrigerator.
  • Living Space: The open-concept living area is perfectly suited for a comfortable couch, coffee table, chair, and a wall-mounted TV, making it ideal for relaxation or entertainment.

Exterior Features

  • Structure: Built with a 40FT High Cube ‘One Tripper’ container, the home is reinforced with all-metal work and structural steel.
  • Doors and Windows: It includes a 6’-0” x 6’-8” vinyl sliding entry door with lock and screen, multiple casement windows with screens for ample natural light and ventilation, and two exterior lights outside the front door.
  • Walls and Flooring: The interior boasts white shiplap walls with trim, sliding wood barn doors for the bathroom and bedroom, and LED lighting in all ceilings. The flooring is luxury vinyl, adding to the home’s modern aesthetic.

Special Features

  • Versatility: This container home is perfect for use as a weekend Air BNB rental or a residential ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit).
  • Kitchenette: The open-concept kitchenette is designed for functionality and style, featuring upgraded box construction and cabinet pulls.
  • Flex Corner: A unique flex corner in the bathroom offers space for a washer/dryer (with hookups included) or additional built-in cabinets or furniture.

The Kennedy, with its thoughtful design and modern amenities, redefines the concept of small-scale luxury living. It’s an ideal choice for those looking to embrace a minimalist lifestyle without compromising on comfort and style.


Image : Alternative Living Space

ALT 40’ LUXE CONTAINER HOME by Alternative Living Spaces:

A Modern Oasis of Comfort


The ALT 40’ LUXE Container Home by Alternative Living Spaces is a 320 sq.ft. marvel, designed to effortlessly blend into any setting, whether as a chic backyard guest house, an Airbnb rental, or a serene vacation getaway in rural locations. With prices ranging from $82,000 for the base model to $108,000 for the premium version, this home offers a blend of affordability and luxury.

Design and Structure

  • Container: The base of this home is a 40’ x 8’ shipping container, with a height of 8’6”, offering ample headroom and a spacious feel.
  • Build Out: It features comprehensive build-out specifications, including 2×4 framing, electrical wiring, plumbing, insulation, drywall, interior paint, modern lighting, flooring, and a fully integrated HVAC system for optimal comfort.

Interior Highlights

  • Bathroom: A stylish barn door leads to the bathroom, which includes a toilet, vanity, mirror, and a functional shower.
  • Main Entry: The home is accessed through a 30” x 80” outswing entry door, finished in white for a clean, contemporary look.
  • Windows: Large windows in the kitchen (106” x 19”) and bedroom (48” x 54”) ensure the interior is bathed in natural light, enhancing the sense of space.

Living Spaces

  • Living Room: The living room area is thoughtfully designed to maximize comfort and utility within the compact footprint.
  • Kitchen: A fully functional kitchen is part of the layout, ideal for everyday living or entertaining guests.
  • Bedroom: The private bedroom area is designed to be a cozy, peaceful retreat, perfect for relaxation and rest.

Versatility and Use

  • Multi-functional: This container home is versatile in its usage, often favored as a guest house, rental property, or personal vacation spot.
  • Placement: It is designed for placement directly on the ground, making installation and setup straightforward and hassle-free.

The ALT 40’ LUXE Container Home stands out as a testament to the possibilities of modern, compact living. It combines the practicality of container housing with the aesthetics and comforts of contemporary home design, making it an excellent choice for a variety of living situations.


Image : Bob’s Containers

THE JOSHUA MODEL by Bob’s Containers:

A Pinnacle of Luxury in Container Living


Introducing “The Joshua,” a standout 40 FT luxury container home from Bob’s Containers. With a starting price of $90,255, this model, featured on a hit Netflix show, represents the zenith of container home design, combining advanced features with comfortable living. It’s an ideal choice for those looking for ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units), in-law suites, vacation rentals, or personal vacation homes.

Quick and Efficient Delivery

  • Lead Times: The Joshua model boasts impressive lead times, averaging just 3-6 weeks, ensuring that your dream home arrives quickly.
  • Build Times: The construction of these luxury units is remarkably efficient, taking only about 5 weeks.

Features and Specifications

  • Container Dimensions: The exterior dimensions are 40 ft in length, 8 ft in width, and 9 ft 6 in in height, using a New HC (High Cube) Container for extra space.
    • Interior Spaces:
    • Bedroom: Measuring 10 ft (L) x 7 ft (W) x 8 ft 10 in (H), the bedroom is designed for comfort and privacy.
    • Kitchen / Living Room: The heart of the home, this combined space is 20 ft 9 in (L) x 7 ft (W) x 8 ft 10 in (H), perfect for cooking, dining, and relaxation.
    • Bathroom: A spacious bathroom of 7 ft 1 ½ in (L) x 7 ft (W) x 8 ft 10 in (H), designed for functionality and style.

Versatile and Comfortable Living

  • Ideal for Rentals: The Joshua is built with the needs of rental properties in mind, making it a superb choice for those looking to invest in a vacation rental or an additional living space on their property.
  • Comfort-Focused Design: Every aspect of this container home is crafted to provide a comfortable living experience, ensuring that it feels like a true home.

Recognition and Popularity

  • Netflix Feature: The Joshua model’s popularity is further bolstered by its feature on a Netflix TV show, showcasing its appeal and innovative design.

“The Joshua” by Bob’s Containers is not just a home; it’s a lifestyle choice. Its efficient delivery, feature-rich design, and comfortable living spaces make it a top-tier option for those seeking a unique and luxurious living solution.


Image : Bob’s Containers

THE PORTER MODEL by Bob’s Containers:

An Epitome of Luxury in Container Homes


Presenting “The Porter,” a luxurious masterpiece in the world of 40 FT container homes from Bob’s Containers. With a starting price of $141,041, this model is a jewel in their premier line, offering an array of high-end features and amenities. It stands out as a sophisticated option for those seeking not just a home, but an experience, complete with a relaxing hammock, a rooftop deck, and even a cowboy hot tub.

Built for Versatile Use

  • Ideal for Rentals: “The Porter” is especially suited for ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units) and vacation rentals, offering a unique and luxurious stay for guests.
  • Comfortable Living: Every aspect of this container home is designed with comfort in mind, ensuring a cozy and enjoyable living experience.

Customization and Luxury Upgrades

  • Customization Options: Bob’s Containers provides extensive customization options, allowing you to tailor “The Porter” to your specific needs and preferences.
  • Luxury Upgrades: The model features high-quality luxury upgrades, ensuring that every detail contributes to the overall opulence and comfort of the home.

Dimensions and Layout

  • Exterior: The home is built using a new 40 ft (L) x 8 ft (W) x 9 ft 6 in (H) High Cube Container, offering ample space and height.
    • Interior Spaces:
    • Bedroom: A cozy bedroom measuring 10 ft 3 in (L) x 7 ft (W) x 8 ft 10 in (H), designed for restful nights.
    • Kitchen / Living Room: An expansive space of 22 ft 3 in (L) x 7 ft (W) x 8 ft 10 in (H), perfect for culinary adventures and relaxation.
    • Bathroom: A functional and stylish bathroom of 6 ft 3 in (L) x 7 ft (W) x 8 ft 10 in (H).

Unique Features

  • Rooftop Deck: The highlight of “The Porter” is its rooftop deck, offering a fantastic space for relaxation and entertainment.
  • Cowboy Hot Tub: Adding to the luxury, the cowboy hot tub is a unique feature that sets this model apart, perfect for unwinding after a long day.

“The Porter” by Bob’s Containers is more than just a container home; it’s a statement of luxury and innovation. Its thoughtful design, customizable options, and luxurious upgrades make it an ideal choice for those who seek a high-end living experience with a unique twist.


Image : Custom Container Living

THE PIONEER by Custom Container Living:

A Modern Take on Container Homes


“The Pioneer” from Custom Container Living is a standout 320 sq. ft. container home, crafted within a 40′ shipping container. Starting at $98,900, this model is celebrated for its comfortable and versatile layout. It features a ground-level bedroom, an inviting living/dining area, a well-equipped galley kitchen with full-size appliances, and a spacious bathroom with a 5’ bathtub. Its popularity among customers and followers is attributed to its dynamic and adaptable design, making it ideal for various settings.

Exterior Features

  • Roof: Options for a sloped or gable-style roof with ribbed 26-gauge metal, available in multiple colors.
  • Siding: A choice of ribbed metal, painted lap siding, or exposed container, with various color options.
  • Lighting and Outlet: Includes one exterior LED light and an outlet next to the entry door.

Standard Package Inclusions

  • Container: Utilizes a one-trip standard shipping container for its structure.
  • Climate Control: Equipped with a Mitsubishi mini-split heating and cooling system for year-round comfort.
  • Water Heating: Features an electric tankless water heater.
  • Flooring: Vinyl plank flooring is laid throughout for a modern and durable finish.
  • Interior Finish: The interior wall and ceiling are finished with smooth painted square groove panels, offering a shiplap look.
  • Windows and Doors: Includes two 5’x3’ sliders in the living room and bedroom, two 3’6″x3’6″ sliders in the kitchen and dining area, and one 2’x3′ single hung window in the bathroom. The entry is a 3’ full view door with a knob and deadbolt.

Customization and Additional Options

  • Customization: Clients can request modifications, with additional charges applicable for such customizations.
  • Upgrades: A range of interior and exterior upgrades are available, as listed on the “Custom Options” page.
  • Delivery and Site Preparation: Delivery pricing is separate, and property site preparation and utility connections are not included in the standard package.

Important Considerations

  • Local Requirements: Any specific requirements mandated by city/county/state may incur additional fees.
  • Upgrade Costs: Additional upgrades will be added to the standard price.

“The Pioneer” is a testament to Custom Container Living’s commitment to providing flexible and stylish living solutions. Its array of customizable features, coupled with its efficient use of space, makes it an excellent choice for those seeking a modern, compact home that doesn’t sacrifice comfort or style.


Image : Offgrid Dwellings

Kohala Off Grid Unit by Offgrid Dwellings:

Embrace Sustainability with Solar-Powered Container Living


The “Kohala” Off Grid Unit by Offgrid Dwellings offers a unique opportunity to embrace a sustainable lifestyle in a 40′ Shipping Container Home, equipped with solar panels. This eco-friendly abode, priced between $108,995 and $120,995, is ideal for those dreaming of reducing their carbon footprint and living off the grid.

Go Off the Grid

  • Solar Power: The home features a comprehensive solar panel system, including 10 solar panels (4550 watts total), a combiner box, two 3000 watt inverters, and four 200AH server batteries. This setup ensures a comfortable life without reliance on the grid.
  • Sustainable Living: Embrace the freedom of a sustainable lifestyle, reducing dependence on fossil fuels and enjoying energy self-sufficiency.

Sustainable and Low-Maintenance Design

  • Construction: Made from a single 40′ High Cube Container, used no more than two times, ensuring both durability and eco-friendliness.
  • Ceilings: Over 9-foot ceilings eliminate any feelings of claustrophobia, creating an airy and open living space.
  • Floorplan: A simple yet efficient layout includes a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, and entryway.
  • Materials: All materials are premium quality, sourced from the U.S., and the unit is built in the U.S. as well.

Features and Specifications

  • Flexibility: The design is versatile and customizable, suitable as a home, vacation retreat, or a backyard office.
  • Windows: Large windows provide ample natural light and ventilation, enhancing the connection with nature.
  • Interiors: The home includes drywall with a modern finish, premium wood cabinets, LED lighting, an 8-gallon water heater, premium plank shower walls, rain shower, and a kitchen sink with a faucet.

Additional Upgrades and Compliance

  • Upgrades: Optional upgrades include a Northern Package for colder climates and a fire suppression system for certain states.
  • Compliance: Built to meet stringent building codes (like those of Miami County), ensuring quality and safety.

Ideal for Various Uses

  • Versatility: Perfect for off-grid retreats or as Airbnb rental units, offering a unique and sustainable experience for guests.
  • Immediate Use: The unit can be plugged in for immediate use, similar to an RV.

Ready for Sustainable Living?

Offgrid Dwellings’ “Kohala” Off Grid Unit is more than just a home; it’s a statement in sustainable living. With its comprehensive solar system, high-quality materials, and versatile design, it’s an ideal choice for those ready to live their sustainable dream in a beautifully crafted 40′ Off Grid Container Home.


Image : Offgrid Dwellings

King’s Peak 40′ Shipping Container Home by Offgrid Dwellings:

A Fusion of Quality and Design


Offgrid Dwellings presents the King’s Peak 40′ Shipping Container Home, a model that exemplifies modern container home design. This unit, emerging from their USA factory based in Southern Florida, is offered at a special price of $99,995, in exchange for the usage of photos and videos for their marketing purposes. This limited-time offer is a rare opportunity to own a cutting-edge home at an exceptional value.

Design and Construction

  • Container Specs: Constructed from a single 40′ High Cube Container, used no more than two times, ensuring a blend of durability and sustainability.
  • Spacious Ceilings: The design features over 9-foot ceilings, creating an open, airy environment free from the constraints of claustrophobia.
  • Floorplan: The home boasts a simple yet efficient layout, encompassing a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, and entryway.

Premium Quality and Compliance

  • Materials: All materials used are of premium quality, sourced from the U.S., and the home is built in the U.S., ensuring top-notch craftsmanship.
  • Compliance: Designed to meet some of the strictest building codes in the United States, particularly those of Miami County, offering peace of mind regarding safety and durability.

Features and Customization

  • Plug and Play: The unit can be plugged in for immediate use, much like an RV, providing flexibility and ease of setup.
  • Customization Options: Available upgrades include a Northern Package for colder climates and a fire suppression system to meet state-specific requirements.
  • Documentation: After purchase, engineered drawings and documents are provided for the homeowner’s reference.

Special Offer

  • Limited Time Pricing: The home is currently available at the promotional price of $99,995, with an imminent price increase on the horizon.
  • Media Exchange: The special pricing is in exchange for the right to use photos and videos of the home on Offgrid Dwellings’ website and social media channels.

King’s Peak 40′ Shipping Container Home by Offgrid Dwellings represents a perfect blend of modern living, eco-conscious design, and affordability. With its high-quality materials, compliance with stringent building codes, and the convenience of immediate use, it’s an excellent choice for those seeking a unique, sustainable, and stylish living solution.