The Life of Bryan and Gwen Blackwell in a 2000 sq ft Shipping Container House

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Life inside the box suits Oneonta’s Bryan and Gwen Blackwell just fine. Their 2000 sq ft home was made out of four shipping containers. 

After gathering Bryan and Gwen Blackwell, it’s simple see that the pair is familiar with considering new ideas. In this way, it’s a little unexpected that the couple lives in one.

All things considered, four to be definite.

The Alabama couple structured and fabricated their 2000-square-foot home out of four 40 foot long shipping containers that originated from a port in Miami. They utilize a fifth container for capacity.

At the point when the development business began to tank around eight years prior, they chose to roll out an improvement. They sold the structure that housed their steel development business in Florida and chose to move Oneonta in the mid year of 2009 where they claimed land.

Bryan moved the containers individually from Fort Myers, Fla., likewise shipping the steel bars, and different materials required for the house. The entirety of the steel utilized in the house are extras from employments they backed in Florida.

So why use containers?

“It was just the next step in an adventure. Let’s go from one thing to another. Every time, we’ll try something a little more creative,” said Gwen. “This was the next step.”

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Shipping container structures are staggeringly solid, sturdy, and eco-accommodating. The goliath building squares seemed well and good for their one of a kind home.

“I’ve wanted to build one of these long before they ever started showing up on the internet, so we did it,” said Bryan. “It’s the strongest method of construction there is right now other than poured concrete.”

They lived in a movement trailer for a long time while they set up the home themselves. They moved in not long after finishing the necessities – the ace shower, room, and kitchen.

The Blackwells state that there are numerous misinterpretations about shipping container homes. One they hear frequently is the means by which modest an intricate shipping container construct is. “They know you can buy a shipping container for cheap, but then they think that’s the end of it. They don’t realize how much work it takes to modify one and the expense that comes with it.” said Bryan. “It’s like buying a truckload of lumber and expecting that to be all of your home costs.”

Doing it without anyone else’s help permitted them the adaptability to do anything they desired and an opportunity to take a shot at it, consider it, and work on it some more while including innovative contacts as they suspected of them. They completed the rest a year later.

“I don’t know if you can rush through something like this because we kind of ad-libbed as we went,” said Gwen.

Take for example a portion of the inside highlights. They repurposed stopped roof tiles they purchased from a few region Lowes stores to cover room and washroom dividers. Recolored pressed wood trim edges entryways in the home, the majority of which are recessed. Cheap clasp lights wired together make modern lighting in what they call the display, the home’s primary social affair space. They changed over an old propane tank they got for nothing into a roof mounted chimney that warms the whole space. The even utilized car parts beds to make up portions of the display dividers.

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The home sits atop eight steel posts with footings buried in concrete so while it is not tornado proof – “You can’t build anything that god can’t tear up,” said Bryan-  it is storm resistant.

All of the touches come together to form a home that is as unique and creative as the couple who lovingly put it together. “It makes it more interesting don’t you think?” said Gwen. “Why build it like everybody else? Where’s the fun in that?”

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They built an aquaponics system for their Koi and garden.

They used a painting to hide the electrical panel.

One of the entrances to the home.

The turned an thrift store dresser into a buffet for the kitchen.

The kitchen counters sits higher than most for their comfort.

They used a shower door to create a bath partition in the guest bathroom.

This is the master bathroom they created. 

 The shower of their master bedroom is large and spacious.

They created a bed for the guest bedroom with pallets.

They situated theme to take advantage of the view. 

They call the center space of their home the gallery. 

The gallery – or main space- is an open space with zones like this dining area. 

Oneonta’s Bryan and Gwen Blackwell upcycled an old propane tank they use now to heat their home. 

Oneonta’s Bryan and Gwen Blackwell used ceiling tiles as a wall treatment in their bedrooms.

They moved the containers and beams themselves from Florida.

They recently added this deck.