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TikToker’s $30k Amazon Home Hits 30 Million Views

A Viral Trend: Tiny Homes on Social Media

The housing crisis in America has sparked a variety of innovative solutions, and one of the latest trends to emerge is the purchase of tiny, expandable prefabricated houses from online marketplaces like Amazon. This movement gained widespread attention when a TikToker, known as “unspeakk,” documented his acquisition of a $30,000 tiny home on Amazon, amassing nearly 31 million views. The “DOINUO Mobile Expandable Prefab House” he showcased includes a restroom and an outdoor storage shed, with standard dimensions of L19 x W20 x H8 ft, providing substantial storage space.

Photo : Unspeakable (Youtube)

Design and Convenience: Features of Amazon’s Tiny Homes

Amazon’s product listing for these tiny homes emphasizes their design for convenience and space optimization. The homes are foldable, which is an attractive feature for those who prioritize efficient use of space, and they boast a sleek design that adds aesthetic value to any location.

Addressing the Housing Crisis: Tiny Homes as a Solution

This trend is not just a viral sensation but a reflection of the changing attitudes towards housing among young adults in the face of a significant housing shortage. According to reports, America is currently short approximately 3.2 million homes, which contributes to the high housing prices. Tiny homes, like those sold on Amazon, present an alternative that is both cost-effective and timely, with some models available for shipping within just a few days.

Photo : Unspeakable (Youtube)

Variety and Accessibility: Amazon’s Tiny Home Options

Amazon’s offerings include a variety of portable prefabricated tiny homes from brands such as Zolyndo, with prices ranging from roughly $20,000 to $35,000. These homes come with different features, including bathrooms, and the more expensive models provide additional space that can be organized into two bedrooms, a living room, a bathroom, and a kitchen. The structures, measuring up to 380 square feet, have an “expandable” steel frame and thermal insulation, making them a practical living solution.

Real-World Testing: Social Media Experiments

The concept has been put to the test by social media creators such as the group at unspeakk, who purchased a foldable home from Amazon and shared their experience on TikTok. Their video, showing the unboxing and exploration of the shipping container-like residence, highlighted the practicality of the tiny home’s features, including a fully functional compact bathroom.

Photo : Unspeakable (Youtube)

The Evolution of a Movement: From Lifestyle Choice to Housing Solution

The rise of tiny homes can be traced back to the early 2000s, where it started as a millennial rebellion against the trend of increasingly large and opulent homes. Over time, tiny homes have evolved from a lifestyle choice to a potential solution to the housing shortage. These homes resonate with the American dream of homeownership, providing a sense of privacy and independence. However, as Brian Miller, a sociology professor at Wheaton College, points out, tiny homes also represent a rejection of the norm that American homes should continually grow in size.

A Cautionary Perspective: The Reality of Tiny Home Living

Despite the appeal, there are cautionary tales. Elizabeth Illing, who shared her experience with Business Insider, moved into a tiny home with her daughter, attracted by the affordability and sense of community. However, she faced a steep rent increase upon lease renewal, which underscored the precarious nature of affordability in the tiny home market. Elizabeth advises those considering a tiny home to pay close attention to lease terms and to engage with current residents for insights.

Mixed Reactions: The Community’s Response

The tiny home purchases on TikTok have generated mixed reactions, with some viewers expressing enthusiasm for the innovation and affordability, while others express skepticism about the practicality and long-term viability of such living arrangements.

Photo : Unspeakable (Youtube)

The Future of Tiny Homes

In sum, the trend of purchasing tiny homes from Amazon is a fascinating development in the American housing landscape. It offers a potential solution to the housing crisis by providing affordable, minimalist living spaces. However, as with any significant lifestyle change, it is accompanied by challenges and requires careful consideration and planning. The tiny home movement underscores the evolving nature of housing in America, where flexibility, efficiency, and affordability are increasingly prized.


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  1. Rich Falk February 8, 2024

    You need to make sure there’s a solid slab foundation, electric and plumbing hookups before thinking of buying one.

  2. Aníbal February 11, 2024

    Quisiera saber si hacen envíos a la Argentina y cuánto es el costo

  3. Josh Josherson McJoshly February 13, 2024

    > However, she faced a steep rent increase upon lease renewal, which underscored the precarious nature of affordability in the tiny home market

    This makes no sense, she is paying rent on the cheap house she bought?? Also where do they go to the bathroom? Outhouse? Is there potable water? How do they get electricity? Heating?

    Nice idea but there is so much more to consider than a 5 minute tiktok video.

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