Tiny Container Home in North Carolina

Homes are made of either concrete material or steel shipping containers. Steel shipping containers provide homes at very difficult places like in the center of hills. The charming location with stylish homes fascinates every one.

Today, we are going to step in such home. This home is located in very beautiful nature attracting site. The homes are now easy to construct at such places. For example, above homes is practically explaining itself. The homes made of steel shipping containers are unique and decent. The container homes are different from the homes made of concrete material. The detail description about this home is for your ease.

Steel shipping container home in North Carolina, United States

This home has very distinctive location. Area is well know for its beauty which nature has bestowed it. This is made of 20 feet single shipping container. Area covered by this beautiful home is 160 square feet. This home is made of container which is painted black. The home is double storey. All portions are on ground floor which is set higher. The rood is made of wood after wooden stairs.

Different portions of this luxurious home with unique location

This home all small portions. This home is set in a decent way. The areas listed are:

  • One bedroom
  • One bathroom
  • One kitchen
  • One fireplace
  • One fining table
  • One sitting area
  • One roof
  • Hot tub
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These all are in this one small area. This is the real beauty of container homes that all portions can be accommodated. Further if you want to increase the size of your home, you can add more containers and can increase the size of each portion.

Interior designing in detail

This home which is overloaded with natural beauty is combo of shipping containers and wood. Wood has been used in its construction widely. The portions are best decorated and covered with wood which enhances the elegancy of the home.

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Going in description in detail, I am going to inform you that bedroom is luxurious one. The bed is set with a side glass window. Walls of container are covered with wood. LED is set in bedroom facing the bed. Closet is there to keep the attire. The air conditioner is set on the back wall. Two people can sleep here.

Then bathroom is made of white tiles. Walls are again covered with wood. The toilet and showering systems are separate. The kitchen has microwave, refrigerator, stove, shelves and cabins. Wood has been used in its construction as well. The accessories are placed there with complete set up.

Moving upstairs, there are dining table

As described above, stairs are made of wood which look utter. The roof is also covered with wooden railing. The floor of the roof is also made of wood. The dining table is set here. Chairs and table are placed. Meal can be enjoyed here with nature attracting views. On one side, the seating sofa is placed with a table. Cozy cushions are set there.

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Before going to roof, the turn has the set up of fireplace. Two chairs are placed with a fireplace. This is due to cold weather. Weather becomes harsh sometimes. Hot tub is at the same place. This is also a kind of facility. It also adds beauty to this home.

Surrounding of the container home

This home is blessed with beautiful nature. Long trees are all around. The trees are large and all around. Peace is everywhere. Spending vacation at a peaceful place is main purpose behind the vacation. This is a guest house for people who go to visit this area. The pathways around this home are very beautiful. The place is just like a dream. And house at such a place is really amazing.

Facilities of the container home

This home is located in this area where all facilities to provide are quite difficult. The voltage system is provided. Electricity is maintained. House looks very beautiful in night. The water supply is perfect. The hot and cold water is supplied. Air conditioners are set in the home. Floor and walls from interior are made of wood.

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Glass material is used in this house. Glass windows have been designed. The frames around the windows are made of wood. Glass has enhanced its magnificent beauty. Use if glass is really nice in manufacturing of the home.

Containers have many advantages

Containers are made of steel and are used to construct homes which can easily be transformed from one place to other difficult place. There are two types of shipping containers. They are either of 20 feet or 40 feet. These are also used to transfer goods from one place to other place. The containers are made at different place and then are transferred to fix place. Many containers can be used in the construction of the home.

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Description of this beautiful home ends here. Keep joining us for more container homes.

Tiny Container Home is available to rent via Vrbo.


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