Tiny Container Home in Portland

Containers in this modern era, are fascinating the people towards themselves. These containers which are made of steel are used to construct homes. These shipping containers come in two sizes that are 20 feet and 40 feet.

The containers are used to construct any type of building. Moreover, these are also used to ship goods from one place to another place. The containers are reformed and modified when these are used in the construction of the homes. Trend for the use of containers in construction is increasing day by day.

We discover many homes made of shipping containers. All are different in area and designs. Well, the purpose is to introduce you about the importance of shipping containers usage in construction. Today, a container home has been discovered which is made of single shipping container. Let us have a look on this container for modular living.

Black painted shipping container home located in Portland

This home is made of a single shipping container of 20 feet. Area is 160 sq. feet. This is a guest house for two persons. Its location is in Portland, United States. This is basically a home in backyard of a big home. The containers are used in the construction of large as well as big homes. The homes made of steel shipping containers are stylish and have more facilities in a small area. Therefore, these are preferred for small as well as for large homes.

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Portions of this single container home

Well, it has all necessary portions.

  • Bedroom area
  • Kitchen area
  • Bathroom
  • Dining area

Interior designing of the home

This home has very simple interior designing. The home is simple but it facilitates the person living in it with all its things of need. Bedroom is in this way that a single bed is set in one area of the home. The closet is also in this area. The kitchen lies in front of bed. The cabins and shelves are designed which are painted white. The accessories of need are present here. Bathroom is set in this way that showering system and toilet systems are separate. Tiles have been used in its construction.

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Use of glass and wood

Glass use increases the beauty of the home. When glass windows and doors are used in combination with other materials, the quality of the home or any living place increases. Glass windows have been used in the construction of this home. The windows are surrounded with wood covering. Wood is used in making floor. The wood and glass combination is perfect. The harmony of wood, glass, concrete, steel shipping containers is attractive. This home is painted black exteriorly and it is painted white interiorly.

Supplies of the home

This shipping container home has all supplies perfectly. The voltage system is maintained. Electricity is provided. The water supply is in flow. The lights have been fixed in ceiling. Homes must be with all supplies and facilities. If beautiful home is constructed, and facilities are obstructive, then homes loses its attraction.

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Beautiful lawn around the home

This shipping container home is located in backyard. A wide lawn is in the surrounding. The lawn is full with plane green grass. The home has its beauty in its simplicity. The maintenance of the lawn is done is great way. Care of any thing makes it beautiful and growing.

Benefits of shipping container

Well, first of all, I will talk about the misconceptions about shipping containers. They are considered to be hot because these are made of steel. But this is not true. The insulation and thermoregulation of these containers make them best material for construction. Insulation of any shipping container homes is important as this protects it from the harsh effects of the weather.

Foundation of the home matters in this way that is should be strong enough so that, containers can stay on it for many years. The durability in this way becomes more than 25 year if maintenance is done in good way.
Shipping containers give more variety of designs and are more stylish in constructing a home. These are exact according to the demand of this present era.

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These containers are used to provide homes at distant places where construction is almost impossible. Like these are used in making guest homes at hill stations or even these are used in the construction of hotels. One hotel in Malaysia has been spotted. Similarly, these were even used in the construction of living place at snowy mountains. Incredibly, this is amazing. An adventure and a nature lover loves this fact about the containers.

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Containers can be modified even after the completion of construction

This cannot be done with the house of made of concrete material. Number of containers can be decreased or increased according to mood of the owner.

Shipping containers are used to provide instant homing in the area of natural disaster. Small homes can be provided to affected ones instantly. So, description of this simple container home ends here.

Tiny Container Home is available to rent via Vrbo.

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