Monte Canela Tiny Container Home

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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from Orocovis, Puerto Rico.

Homes are of different types. These are residential places for permanent living or these are guest homes for staying at nature attracting places. These can be built by concrete material or steel shipping containers. The quality of the house varies with its construction material.

The homes made of steel shipping containers offer modular living. Mostly people do not know about this type of living. Living in a container house is a new experience for most of the time. But this is really a new thing to experience. Containers are trending now. So, people now know about their benefits. They are preferring containers for the construction of their homes.

A tiny container home for stay at a beautiful place

The containers are used to construct homes at very difficult places. These are used to provide homes at the mountains even. So this is a very big advantage. In this way, container homes become favorite for the adventurers. This is also a container home which is located a the top of hill. The home is located at higher level. Many stairs are constructed to reach this home. A single shipping container has been used in its construction. The container is of 20 feet. The house is for the stay of a single person.

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Two types of containers there

There are two types of containers which are used in the construction. These are of 20 feet and are of 40 feet. Small ones can be used alone or can ne used in combination with the large container homes. 40 feet container home can be used to construct a single home. Small portions can be made in a single large container. It depends upon the owner that how many containers he wants to use in the construction of his home. Containers can be used to construct villas as well as mansions.

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Architectural designing of the home

This home is set on the higher level. The home has small portions in single container home.
Following are its portions.
Well, these are not separate rooms. These all lie in a single container.

Interior designing of the home

The interior is painted white. The floor is made of wood. The bedroom has a single white bed. The kitchen is in front of the bed. The kitchen is furnished with cabins and shelves. Whole accessories are set in this kitchen. The stove, refrigerator, microwave are present. Bathroom is made of white tiles. White colored toilet is these. Showering system is also present.

Terrace of the home

This home has a very beautiful terrace. Terrace is very important at such attracting place. It is made of wood. Wood railings are around. The wood floor has been constructed. The dining chair and table is set here. Cooking a meal in kitchen, and enjoying it in terrace in such an environment, is really a nice thing. It is the most interesting thing for a nature lover.

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Surrounding of this container home

This container home has a very different and unique location. It is far away from the rush of this noisy world. The house is surrounded with greenery all around. This is not a self made green lawn. In fact, this one is nature made green area. The greenery gives calmness to the eyes. This is a fascinating act of the nature in beautiful weather.

Lighting of the home during night

This home is decorated with beautiful lights. The lights are twisted in railing. These glow during night and home gives a really nice look. The home exactly looks like a shining bulb in dark area. Imagine the scene, a lighted house in peaceful enviroment.

Supplies of this shipping container home

This small container home has all supplies. Electricity is provided. Voltage is maintained. The water supply is perfect. Hot and cold water is in kitchen and in bathroom. The internet network comes here. No problem of signals. The house is actually loaded with all facilities. Facilities of a home make it perfect. A beautiful home with disrupted facilities is useless.

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Durability of the containers

Well, containers are used in the construction of many living areas. These are preferable because these are reliable. Containers home are durable for more than 25 years with maintenance. If I talk about this shipping container home, then it is set higher on a strong foundation which is provided by pillars. Foundation of any building plays a very important role in making it durable. This home will be resilient because of its foundation.

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Homes of concrete material are made by filling the concrete in ground and then constructing home on it. While in case of shipping container homes, foundation is given either by concrete or steel or wood, and then containers are fixed on it. So, these become more reliable.

Description of this tiny container home ends here. Soon we will be here with a new container home to inform you about its architecture.

Monte Canela Tiny Container Home is available to rent via Airbnb.

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