Two Studio Apartment House Using Shipping Containers by Priscila Azzini

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Today we will show you container house model by Architect Priscila Azzini.

Those who follow our blog closely know. Our Container House Models series, which we started recently, attracted a lot of attention.

Priscila Azzini, one of the most valuable architects in this category, has published his new design as of today.

We congratulate him for these beautiful works he contributed to container architecture.

If you want to look at the other works of the architect Priscila Azzini, you can visit the Youtube channel of Priscila Azzini Interior Design / Arquitetura.

If we talk about the design; 2 x 40 FT Dry HC shipping containers were used in the construction of the house and a total of 640 sqft interior space was obtained. Containers are stacked side by side.

But when we look at the design of the house, two containers placed next to each other are divided by the middle part and two 320 sqft studio apartments are created.

This design allows you to sit on one side of the house and rent the other side. When we take a look inside the apartments, the open concept living space comes to the fore. We see that quality and harmonious furniture is selected in the design.

The designs and drawings of the architect are really impressive. Even though you know that the house is just a drawing, you can still get carried away.

For More Information About the Project :

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The space constraint issues and resulting rise in housing prices in most of the major cities across the world is driving the growth in the container houses market.

Container houses make use of the old shipping containers to build their houses and require very less space compared to conventional houses, thus saving space.

The global container houses market was valued at about $47.68 billion in 2018 and is expected to grow to $61.34 billion at a CAGR of 6.5% through 2022.

North America is the largest market for container houses with a 39% share in the market.


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