Very Cool and Modern Container House from Appleton

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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from Appleton, Wisconsin, USA.

Although it is very popular in America, we haven’t seen much of this size container house projects in America lately.

The best part of making houses with shipping containers is that your design is limited to your imagination. Iron reinforcements, support beams etc. you do not think of dozens of technical features to consider.

This house, which we will show you today, is located in Appleton and is now on sale for $389,900.

If you are interested in the home, you can reach the listing page here.

The house is really modern. Designed by the Chicago Collective Office, this house is truly one of a kind. While designing the house, it was designed to keep privacy at the forefront of the owners’ request.

The use of shipping containers as structural elements in home construction has emerged in recent years due to its superior strength, abundance and low cost. While popular throughout the country, this type of home is both Grand Chute and Appleton-based home maker Factotum, Inc. It was a first for.

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Ryan Myers and Justin Kuehl are the duo who make up Factotum, Inc. Myers, the resident realtor, had been working with a client in search of an industrial style home and wasn’t having much luck. Kuehl, who has a background in ironwork, and Myers decided to pool their talents and in November 2015 the pair broke ground on their first residential build using repurposed shipping containers.

Myers says they hope to show homeowners that quality, eco-conscious homes are within reach.

“The square-foot price is probably 30 percent less than a high-end home, but with all the high-end upgrades,” he says. “We are trying to socially democratize cool stuff.”

The home’s footprint looks like the letter “H” – two 53-foot containers and two 40-foot containers are split apart by five feet and spanned using SIPS (structural insulated panels and steel). The home’s exterior features industrial steel siding as well as Brazilian tigerwood, an exotic wood that is well-loved for its durability and dramatic beauty as the wood ages. “It started blonde and turns more red over time,” Kuehl says. “It’s like a copper patina; it’s a slow process.”

To protect the home from rusting and moisture buildup, Jesse Dart, owner of Dart Foam and Coatings in Luxemburg, applied an inch and a half layer of spray foam insulation on both the inside and outside of the shipping container. “Normally we just spray from the inside, because there’s plywood on the outside,” he says.

The materials used outside and inside the house have been carefully selected and a very beautiful house has emerged with these compatible materials. All unique materials from Brazilian parquet and standing stitched steel cladding to open ducts in the house.

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We are thinking more day by day, how far the container architecture can go. But we see that we will continue to work with unlimited imagination and much more wonderful work.

The container house built by Factotum, Inc. has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.
The house, made using 4 shipping containers, was completed in 2016 and has a total of 3000 sq.ft habitable area.

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